SCSU opens new Irish study abroad program

The scholarship funds can be used on books, tuition, and travel costs when the students are studying abroad, and for Widman it will only be a slight change of scenery.

“I want to study abroad in Ireland because I’m currently studying abroad in England and I’ve had such a wonderful time, I’ve met so many amazing people and have seen things I’d never thought I’d get to see with my own eyes,” said Widman, a sophomore who is leaning towards English as a major.

While a change of scenery and experiencing new things is top of the mind for the three students, each has a similar, close to home reason for studying at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland.

Both Widman and Hugger have family members who are from Ireland and look forward to learning about a culture they are descendants from. Ramos meanwhile is looking forward to spending some time in Germany, where her mother is originally from.

“I decided to study abroad because I wanted a change of scenery and life. I also decided to study abroad to visit my family. My mother is from Germany and because of this opportunity I’m able to visit my family longer than if I were to be in Germany for just two weeks and only get to see people one time,” said the junior who is majoring in community health.

Each student will be studying something different while in Ireland, classes range from Irish poetry to early education, and Hugger looks forward to the possibility of taking theater classes as well as immersing herself in the daily lives of the Irish.

“I am most looking forward to all the possibilities that lie in-front of me. I get to go and breathe new air, experience a different way of life, learn about another culture, and see our beautiful world. I’m an explorer and most excited to explore and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that I have been given through this program,” Hugger said.

The students will be traveling across the Atlantic Ocean once winter break commences, and although all have a list of things they’re looking forward to, Widman said she couldn’t predict the best things that have happened to her while studying in England, and is very excited for the surprises that will come in Ireland.


Chronicle staff photo from April 2015

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