SCSU on the Move Fitness Program Comes to an End

For the last five weeks, students, staff, and faculty of St. Cloud State University have been participating in a six week fitness incentive program. The program brought back by popular request started on March 19 and will conclude on April 27 with a 5K and 1-mile run/walk. This six week challenge was designed to help everyone “Undesk Your Body,” beat the winter blues, and win some great prizes.

To start, those who were interested attended a kick-off party in the Student Rec Center in March. The cost was $5 for a fitness center or group exercise members and $15 for non-members. Those who registered at the kick-off party entered in a drawing to win a Ninja Blender. T

hey also received a water bottle, t-shirt, and other small prizes for signing up.

Due to the Viking Coca-Cola Initiative grant received to make this program happen, free goody-bags were given out to students and staff around the campus to get people excited for SCSU on the move.

Derek Pehlke, an SCSU student, said “SCSU on the Move is a great way for you to put down the cup of coffee, learn how to eat right, and move your body.”

The components of the program included daily workout challenges, weekly nutritional goals, a photo scavenger hunt, and extra bonus point opportunities such as free fitness classes and presentations.

A private Facebook page was created for all 73 participants to join and engage in positive conversations.

Participant Barb Hertling posted to the Facebook page saying, “Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to be involved and activate so we can work towards a healthier lifestyle!”

As the incentive program comes to an end, coordinator Chris Haukos welcomes all to participate in the 5K and one-mile run held on April 27th.

Depending on the budget and feedback, SCSU on the Move will return next Spring to help others construct a healthier and happier lifestyle.

All Photos by Chelsea Bauman.


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