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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    SCSU's Jacob Benson scores. Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    SCSU's Mikey Eyssimont scores and the fans explode. Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Murray and Benik celebrate the tie-game goal. Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Photo by Maddie MacFarlane
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    Goalies meet after the game. Photo by Maddie MacFarlane

SCSU Men’s Hockey Photo Gallery – NCAA West Regional

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On Saturday March 26, the St. Cloud State men’s hockey team season came to a heartbreaking end at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. SCSU entered the NCAA West Regional as a number one seed, number two overall, and were slated to face Ferris State University. The Huskies battled the entire game to gain momentum, never having the lead.

FSU scored first at 2:56 of the first period, but the Huskies, Jacob Benson, answered back quickly scoring to tie the game less than a minute later. Ferris State regained the lead before the first period was over and would go on to lead SCSU 3-1 early in the second period.

The Huskies got back on the scoreboard at 4:56 of the second period with a power play goal by Mikey Eyssimont. Ferris State pushed forward, scoring again to make the score 4-2 going into the third period.

In a spectacular turn-around effort, SCSU’s Eyssimont and Joey Benik both scored in the third period to give the Huskies a chance, putting the game into an overtime battle.

Ferris State ended the game quickly, getting a goal past SCSU goalie Charlie Lindgren just 18 seconds into the OT period.

It was a record-breaking season for the Huskies, tying the program’s 31 game win record. The season ended with a 31-9-1 overall record, and marked the fourth straight year SCSU has been to the NCAA Division I tournament.

Maddie MacFarlane is a senior at St. Cloud State. She is majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Photojournalism and a minor in Graphic Design. In addition to the University Chronicle, MacFarlane works for the SCSU Athletics department as a photographer and is the Creative Services intern at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center.

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