SCSU kicks off Homecoming with tie-dye t-shirt event

University students rubber band their t-shirts in order to tie-dye them in the Atwood mall on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. Photo credit: Brendan Janostin

St. Cloud State University kicked off its homecoming celebration on Wednesday by hosting a tie-dye t-shirt event in the Atwood Mall.

Students were invited to pick up a white t-Shirt with the SCSU logo and the words “St. Cloud State Homecoming,” wrap up those t-Shirts in a rubber band pattern and dunk those t-shirts in tie-dye.

“The t-shirts are completely free,” said Andrea Gerard, who coordinated the event. “They’re for students or anybody who wants to come … They rubber band them, and then after they’re done rubber banding them, they move to our next station to tie dye them either red or black.”

Event coordinator Andrea Gerard (right) hands out t-shirts for attendees to tie-dye. Photo credit: Brendan Janostin

Considered homecoming’s kickoff, the event on Wednesday was marred by one bittersweet reality – that unlike previous years, sports wouldn’t be part of the celebration.

“This week is Homecoming week,” Carly Fredrick, University Program Board Coordinator, said. “Even though there is no sports with it, we still wanted to celebrate homecoming, so this is kind of the kickoff event.”

Like all in person events on campus, the tie-dye t-shirt event has changed considerably because of COVID-19 considerations.

“It’s a lot more structured as to how many people we can have, how people come,” said Fredrick. “We’ve really relied on Huskies Connect for RSVPs, and we break it down by time when people can come … We have a lot more protocol to follow, but we still want to be able to put events on for students.”

A university student dips their t-shirt in dye at the tie-dye. Photo credit: Brendan Janostin

Once attendees had picked up their free t-Shirt, they were directed to one of two rubber band stations, where possible patterns were described on sheets of laminated paper.  After creating a pattern, attendees were then directed to the tie-dye station, where they were invited to dip their t-shirts in to the red and black dye.

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