SCSU fraternity hosts electronic dance event for Alzheimer’s

TKE expected increased attendance this year at their Brainstorm event Saturday in the Atwood Ballroom. Photo by Nathan Merrier.

SCSU Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) chapter hosted the Blackout electronic dance music event for the second time Saturday. The event featured electric dance music (EDM) artists Leo Himself and DJ Cellphish from Minneapolis.

This year’s concert was in the Atwood Ballroom. The room was transformed into a nightclub-style atmosphere by the vivid light displays and concert sound system. As the DJ’s performed, smoke poured out of fog machines and the lasers illuminated a crowd full of students.

The ballroom was crowded and hot, but this did not deter the crowd from dancing with the glow sticks that were freely distributed at the concert. As the DJ’s played, the music shook the floor and the ballroom seemingly erupted when the bass dropped.

However, according to the events organizer, Blackout is more than just a concert.

“All of the proceeds are going to be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, which is one of the official charities of TKE,” said Quinn Glasgow, president of TKE.

The mission of the Alzheimer’s Association is to advance research for Alzheimer’s, provide care for the affected and promote brain health, according to the association’s website.

When asked why TKE decided to donate all of the proceeds to charity, Glasgow said, “At TKE our national motto is, ‘Better men for a better world’. The more you do to try and better yourself as a person, the more you better the community as a whole.“

“We should be trying to find a way to help the people around us,” Glasgow added.  He went on to say that the Brainstorm event, and others hosted by TKE, is one of many ways they can achieve that goal.

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Photo by Nathan Merrier.

“There isn’t anything in St. Cloud when it comes to live EDM, so this is an untapped area that we can really provide a service for students that otherwise don’t have anywhere else to go,“ said Kevin Gysberg, one of Brainstorm’s original creators and an organizer of this year’s event.

“Leo Himself was actually an SCSU student that graduated last spring, and works in finance as well as DJ’s in the Twin Cities,” Gysberg said.

“Last year we had about 550 people, making it one of the biggest events that we do,” Gysberg said about the first Blackout show.

Members of TKE did not want to give an official number, but according to Gysberg, they were expecting about 700 or so students this year due to increased social media and online marketing strategies.

“We’ve been really heavy on Facebook this year compared to last year, where we mainly stuck to posters around campus,” Gysberg said.

According to TKE, they have many more events planned this year that aim to benefit students as well as the community.

DJ Cellphish playing live for SCSU students in the Atwood Ballroom. Photo by Nathan Merrier.
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