SCSU brothers break a world record

Ben Bzdok (right) and brother Matt Bzdok (left) after breaking the world record of frisbee pass. Photo credit: Ben Bzdok

Everyone, at one point, has wanted to break a record to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records and on Oct. 30 in Halenbeck Hall , the Bzdok brothers set out to accomplish their goal.

Ben Bzdok and his brother Andy Bzdok started the whole frisbee throwing competition when they were waiting for an ultimate frisbee match where they and a teammate started playing catch. They decided to go after the most throws and catches, which they decided was 1000, and they accomplished it. Afterward, they continued working and practicing.

“This July, my brothers Matthew Bzdok, Rick Bzdok and I hit 1,000,” said Ben Bzdok. “After that, Matthew and I started to look at the world record and found it was only a little over 1,000.”  

With them, watching and supporting, were friends and family as well as photographersHaving a lot of people isn’t only a nice thing for the brothers, they were needed. According to Guinness World Records website, for a record to be official there must be video and photo evidence as well as a witness to verify. 

Not only did they break the world record once, but the Bzdok brothers broke it twice. Throwing 2,040 times and then 2,944 times.

Their four attempts took them over seven hours to complete.

“It was incredible to set a new world record [and] spend time with my brothers. . . . We felt like we could have done more, and it was more of a mental challenge to make sure we had enough concentration,” said Ben Bzdok.

This isn’t the end of breaking world records for the Bzdok family. The brothers are set on breaking their world record again.

“We are aiming [for] 5,000 to 10,000 in a row,” said Ben Bzdok.

Their dream came true; they made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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