SCSU off-campus apartments set ablaze Saturday morning: students forced to relocate

Early Saturday morning, at around 3 am, the Cedar Row University North apartments were set ablaze causing an evacuation of the entire building.

The fire was said to have started on the 3rd floor of the complex, but there is still no information on how exactly it began.


Residents of the building, a junior at St. Cloud State University (SCSU) Judea DeMaris, and SCSU sophomore Maxim Kroll, recall the terrifying night as being one of the scariest experiences they had ever been through.

“I was sleeping, our fire alarms didn’t even go off. Sam [her roomate] was the one that woke me up,” DeMaris said, ” there was so much smoke we couldn’t see anything.”

In fact, according to Cole Haeska, a junior at SCSU whose apartment was on the first floor right below where the fire started stated, “No fire alarms went off in the entire building.”

Kroll’s apartment was the floor next to where the fire started and he recalls seeing the fire for himself in his apartment,

“We ran down our hallway and look to the left and the entire double sliding glass door, the one that leads to the balcony, is floor to ceiling covered in flames. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.”

The fire continued for a couple of hours after the incident leaving damaged apartments in its wake.

Water damage from the Fire Department’s rescue also severely damaged apartments, forcing some students to leave their apartments permanently.

“They were spraying water from the fire trucks into the building and everything below the 3rd floor is ruined,” says DeMaris “we need to immediately relocate.”

According to Haeska, the property managers, Cedar Row Property Management, LLC, have been in close contact with him “I’d say they’re doing the best they can right now,” added Haeska

The third floor of the Cedar Row University North apartment’s aftermath. Credit to Maxim Kroll, a resident at the apartments.

The total amount of damage to the apartment building and the number of people that have been forced to relocate is unknown.

The St. Cloud Police Department and Fire Department declined to comment when the University Chronicle contacted them about the fire. 

Mark Wasson contributed to this article.

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Bethanie Barrios

Bethanie is a junior at St. Cloud State and is a mathematics education major with minors in mass communications and special education. This year, she is the Managing Editor for the University Chronicle, a director for in house productions at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center and a math tutor. She enjoys writing, rock concerts, and serving her community and fellow students.

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