SCSU Alumni welcomes new fitness instructors

A group exercise instructor training was held at St. Cloud State University where students had the opportunity to learn from Alumni and present instructors the tools to become a fitness leader. The weekend warrior training was held from February 9-11 in the Studios of Hallenbeck. A schedule of events took place over the weekend which included several rounds of high-intensity workouts such as Cycle, Zumba, Pilates, Step, Yoga, and more.

Learning the steps to new choreography.

Current Group Exercise Coordinator, Hannah Aldrich, commented that, “This is a great opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience from Alumni instructors and add another skill to their resume.”

Starting on February 9, students discussed the homework for the weekend, visual and directional practice, and scheduled their interview times. After the training is completed, trainees have the potential to get hired by the Group Exercise program at SCSU. Therefore, not only were students learning and engaging in several fitness activities, they also had the opportunity to

Alumni instructor Chelsea teaches students the basics of Pilates.

interview for a job in the end.

“Being a part of Campus Rec has impacted me in many ways even after graduating from St. Cloud State,” Alumni instructor, Chelsea Winters said.

Throughout the rest of the weekend, instructors learned how to count for fitness routines, down-beats for their music choices, and the importance of warm-up and cool-downs. One Alumni instructor told students “the sky is the limit” and that being creative with a class will help bring in members.

From muscle pump to boxing to yoga, students were required to attend a full weekend of working out, completing homework, and taking a final exam at the end. “Demo” classes were also required of new instructors in order to get hired. Essentially, the trainee would lead the other students in an exercise class of their own.

Alumni instructor teaches students the basics of a Step class.
The Instructor Weekend Training took place from February 9-11.

“It’s scary to be teaching in front of a class. I give you all the props. It’s a brave thing to do, but I believe you can do it if you keep up the good work,” Alumni Whitney Greenwaldt told instructor trainees.

Group Exercise is a program on St. Cloud State University that offers blocks of classes to students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. Every semester, two blocks of classes (each seven-week increments) is created. Classes are offered at a variety of times, typically Monday through Friday with some classes on Sundays.  The majority of classes are taught by SCSU students, some of which volunteer their time, while others are paid. In order to attend the classes, a membership is required. Pricing is varied depending on the person’s status, such as a student or community member. However, there are several times throughout the semester where a “Free Week” is offered. Anyone, with or without a membership is able to attend a group exercise class and workout in the fitness center. Free week is very popular because it is an opportunity for all to try out classes and see the facility before committing to a membership. The next free week will be offered March 12-18, 2018.

Students learn a routine for a Step fitness class.

Alumni instructor Chelsea told students that when she was a freshman, she would walk alone on the treadmill every day. That was a member of Group X pulled her along to a fitness class. After that, she was committed to group fitness and later became an instructor. To this day, she still teaches classes, such as Pilates, in other communities.

“It’s this environment that is truly inspiring. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking for a way to switch up your exercise routine, group exercise at St. Cloud is worth a try! If you are anything like me, you will end up falling in love with it. I am so glad I was a part of it while attending school here,” Chelsea Winters.

Instructor Alumni Video

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Photos by Chelsea Bauman.


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