2015 outlook of the SCPD

The St. Cloud Police Department had a successful year in 2014, however, progression is every department’s onset goal. The SCPD have taken many steps towards implementations for 2015 to help make the department more efficient, as well as more applicable towards the community of St. Cloud.

St. Cloud Chief of Police Blair Anderson has taken various measures to insure that the department, which is serving one of the fastest growing communities in the country, will in fact deliver on its promise to its fullest potential, which is to protect and serve the residents and community of St. Cloud.

A study performed by an outside, non-bias source called the International Communities and Municipalities Association conducted an efficiency test on the city of St. Cloud, administratively speaking.

SCPD came across a few different administrative, as well as in the field, tactics that the study suggested and followed some of the suggestions that the study claimed to be imperative in order to have an efficient, well-equipped department that will be best fitting for the demographic of St. Cloud.

“We’ve drafted a strategic plan to carry out based on some of their recommendations, some of their things they are already doing, and some of the things they recommended we hadn’t been doing, and I, for one, am all for it,” Anderson said. “They’re independent and I am bias, and a lot of what they recommended were things that I had already discussed with the mayor and city administrators.”

Many of the implementations have already taken place and are underway for 2015.

One implementation that was discussed in the plan was the hiring of two full-time police officers, as well as two for the department’s administrative staff.

The department is also in the midst of creating its first ever St. Cloud Police Department academy. The curriculum that the department will be creating will be strictly catered to the way SCPD serves its community.

“We are in the process right now of putting together our first police academy as opposed to the traditional hiring method of hiring one at a time, so we are actually putting together a curriculum and we are going to try and put together a six-week academy done here sometime this summer,”  Anderson said.

Many of the accomplishments of the police department have been directed towards success within the department, however, the department has goals in place to get the entire community involved with plans to create the first community outpost in St. Cloud.

A concept taken from cities in Wisconsin, the idea is to target a house that is troublesome to the community, buy the house with money from the government and renovate and use it for community progression purposes.

“The concept is basically we buy that house and we turn it into a community outpost for after school programs for kids, or it can be used for a study hall program,” Anderson said.

Many of the implementations and ideas of the SCPD are now underway, trying to make the St. Cloud community safer.

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