Some safety tips for your Halloween weekend

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It’s Halloween weekend at St. Cloud State University. While the neighborhoods and 5th Ave are usually a dead zone – college students will be flocking to houses for parties and down to the bars.

But with all of the ghouls, goblins and crazy college students roaming about, there comes increased risk. While Halloween weekend is a fun and memorable (maybe) there’s a lot of precautions students should consider certain or troubles they might run into before dressing up and going out.

Some increased risks include:

  • Rape/Sexual Assault
  • Drugged Drinks
  • Masked Criminals 
  • Robberies 
  • Arrests

However, Campus Police Officer Kelly Holden said students should be just fine if they are aware and prepared.

“This weekend is no different than any other weekend, in terms of safety and being aware of your surroundings and being cautious, if you’re drinking and partying or whatever with your friends.”

One of the biggest things Universities see this time of year is students caught underage drinking. If a party gets busted and there are students underage drinking, they can get something on their record, but Holden wants to remind students that if such an incident occurs, there’s a way to redeem themselves.

If the underage student takes classes and participates in other sessions, they can have their minor revoked.

Another policy put in place to help students in situations in which someone’s life is on the line. The Good Samaritan Exception was implemented to ensure that if a student has alcohol poisoning, the person who reports the individual will not be charged with a minor for underage activities.

While some incidences are more preventable than others,  masked criminals pose a big problem around Halloween, making it easier for people to get robbed. Let’s say you and a friend are walking downtown and someone in a Scream mask comes up and jumps you, when police ask you to identify the robber, it will be much more difficult to do so since they are wearing a costume. Holden said you make sure to always carry your cell phones on you and keep your personal objects within reach.

But despite the potential risks Holden mentions it’s a great time to relax and escape reality.

“People want to go out and have fun, they want to pretend to be someone else for the weekend, dress up and get out of their normal life and it’s a great thing, but you have to be aware of some of the concerns that come with it.”

And even if students are being responsible, problems can still come up. If they do, always remember to stay with victims if they are in danger, always carry a cell phone, stay with victims if they’re injured and if it gets bad enough, always make sure to call 911.