Roof “significantly damaged” after fire, forcing 68 tenants to find new housing

Residents of Cedar Row University North apartments must relocate after a fire engulfed part of the building early Saturday morning, according to the building’s property management company.

James Cates, the building’s property manager, said via email that after an inspection by a structural engineer concluded that the building’s roof had “significant damage”, leading to tenants being let out of their leases as the building is now unsafe to occupy.

The fire has disrupted the lives of some St. Cloud State students as they were some of those among the group of residents who were forced outside their homes as they watched the building become engulfed in flames.

“It’s really a terrible situation. I’ve got a lot of stuff in my rooms I need to retrieve to go to class and I’m not allowed to until the investigation is done and we don’t even know when it’ll be concluded,” said SCSU Junior Cole Haeska, a resident of the building, via Facebook Messenger.

According to Cates, residents will receive their security deposits back along with prepaid rents and will be prorated for rent in September following an investigation into the cause of the fire.

“We are not sure how long the timeframe [sic] will be to complete repairs. The smoke damage is extensive as well and a health hazard,” said Cates.

The St. Cloud Fire Department declined to comment about the fire until the investigation is over.

Cates also said that the property management company is working with the Red Cross, SCSU, and other resources to help tenants find replacement housing.

“We are very thankful there were no injuries the night of the fire and are very pleased with how everybody helped out in the community. Our tenants have been very patient and understanding as well,” said Cates.

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