Response from Student Government to the murder of George Floyd

Written by: SCSU Student Government

May 25 was a day of grief for America. A black man, George Floyd, was lynched in broad daylight by police officers in uniform for the mere accusation of check fraud.

George Floyd did not resist arrest nor threaten a police officer. It is outraging to see innocent lives lost and see property have more value than human life. This act of racism was captured on camera, but there are many acts of  racial discrimination that are left uncaptured.

Institutional racism has been engraved in this country for ages and has targeted and demeaned black people for decades. The system has failed to serve justice to people of color, and especially black people, not just today but over the previous decades. The Student Government took this news with a heavy heart and we would like to give our condolences to the black community of our campus.

We believe pressing charges against the police officers responsible for Floyd’s murder is the least we can do to show that black lives do in fact have value in this country. We need to do more than just offer prayers and demand for instant change.

The death of George Floyd should be a wake-up call for all of us, it is time we all become active anti-racists and demand justice for the innocent lives lost due to police brutality and institutional racism.

Black Lives Matter.

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