Public Works to fix potholes on campus

Students and faculty could be excused for thinking 6th St. South on campus was an off road derby with all the bouncing around potholes cause their cars to do but, according to St. Cloud Public Works, those potholes could be fixed as early as the end of this week.

“Winter took its toll on a lot of things. There’s more holes than we have people and time right now. So we’re trying to get the worst ones first,” said St. Cloud Public Works Street Maintenance Supervisor Tom Zabinski.

A series of potholes on 6th St. South on campus. Photo credit: Mark Wasson

While the roads may run through campus, the city is in charge of maintaining them, though Zabinski said a university representative contacted them earlier this year to let the city know there were several potholes around campus.

Zabinski said there’s quite a bit of potholes around the city in general and it may take about a month to patch all of them.

“Our initial focus is to get the really bad ones. And sometimes we don’t get too concerned with the shallower stuff, because we try to get to the ones that are more going to cause, you know, damages and things like that. So if… we get reports of those, those are kind of moved up on the list to try to get to first,” said Zabinski.

According to the city’s website, the city patches potholes all year but due to the frigid Minnesota winters a different asphalt mix is used during the colder months which means winter fixes are only temporary. A more permanent mix is not available until May.

Pothole in the middle of a cross walk on 8th St. South near campus. Photo credit: Mark Wasson

Potholes in high foot traffic areas are also a priority, right behind deep potholes in the roads, according to Zabinski.

St. Cloud residents can report potholes via phone, 320-650-2900, during regular business days and, 320-650-2949, after hours. Residents can also report potholes via email,, as well.


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