Police: 2 men arrested after burglary, 1 with a handgun

St. Cloud Police officers responded to a burglary in progress around 2 a.m. Saturday night.

In the 800 block of 8 street south, a 24-year-old woman told police that she saw a man entering her room, according to authorities. When he saw her, he ran out of the house.

She thought she heard another person in the house, police said, and a purse and laptop were missing from the house. Authorities said they got into the house by pushing in the screen of an unlocked window, the report said. Nobody was injured during the burglary.

Two men were standing in a nearby yard when officers responded to the call. The men fit the victim’s description, and when the officers approached them, the two men fled, police reported.

One man fled on a bike, the other on foot.

Officers stopped the man on the bike, using a taser, the report said. After securing the man, officers searched him, finding a loaded 9 mm handgun in his pants pocket, according to police. The bike the man fled on was stolen, police said.

The 17-year-old St. Cloud man had a felony warrant out for his arrest out of Stearns County for first-degree burglary, the report said.

After investigating, police found items from the burglary, according to the report.

Both men were taken to Stearns County Jail for multiple accounts, including warrants, the report said.

The charges include: fleeing on foot, first-degree burglary, receiving stolen property and curfew violation.

The 17-year-old man who had the handgun was also charged for possession of a stolen handgun and gross misdemeanor false information to police, the report said. As the investigation continues, more charges may come. The Campus Area Police Services (CAPS) officers on are investigating.

Anyone with information can call the St. Cloud Police Department at (320) 251-1200, or the Tri-County Crime Stoppers at (320) 255-1301.

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