PleasureLand camps out at St. Cloud’s Convention Center

Anybody could enter the campers on display at the 2020 Camp and Travel Expo. Photo credit: Ryan Schoonover.

Written by Ryan Schoonover

Nearly 100 different campers were showcased at the 2020 Camp and Travel Expo in Saint Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center from Thursday Feb. 20 to Sunday Feb. 23, 2020.

Rooms across the building were filled from wall to wall, bumper to bumper with PleasureLand RV’s latest motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, cargo/snowmobile holders, ice houses, destination trailers, and more. The wide variety is a way to get people interested in camping and travelling around the country.

Admission to the expo was free and visitors had full range to enter and examine all the campers they’d like. This freedom allows people to feel how comfortable the RV’s driver’s seats were, see how much walking space is available from front to back, and depending on the unit, find out where furniture like the bed, table, couch, and sink were installed. The large offering of models to look through ensures that anyone interested in buying a camper is able to get the perfect match for what they want to do in the outdoors.

All around the expo were representatives of PleasureLand RV who were available to answer questions and help people increase interest about the campers on show so that they can get out on the road or find the right upgrade to enhance their current experience. Many of the representatives go camping themselves and have used a unit or two, so they were well prepared to inform curious visitors of the expo.

“We encourage anybody and everybody who wants to come and explore and check out some units,” said Amanda Fahrendorff, an administration assistant for PleasureLand RV. She was working behind a booth covered in brochures about the different models of motor homes and fifth wheels. “It doesn’t matter their age, gender, whatever. We want everybody to go out and have a good time.”

The large selection of campers can be overwhelming to someone brand new to the market. Each unit fulfills different niches. Larger campers like a fifth wheel will work better for large families or people who want to camp and bring a boat with while the RVs are recommended for their all-in-one convenience.

“A camper is usually built around the camper themselves,” said Ryan Traut, Brainerd’s PleasureLand RV store manager. “You’ll get a guy whose got a small pickup and they want something super light and super small to go into the mountains with it or travel to different places with it, or you get the all in one motor home like these giant diesel pushers where people are living in it and travel across the country, or a lot of people are switching to the smaller ones because of the ease like getting into parking ramps and being able to go places and find a parking spot that’s normal.”

While a camper isn’t required to experience the great outdoors, they make transition to a night in the woods more comfortable. Minnesota is filled with campsites and tents are an affordable alternative to anyone looking to experience the vacation that so many people are passionate about.

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