Piano and viola duet perform in Recital Hall

Musicians Coca Bochonko and Shannon Loehrke performed on Friday in the Recital Hall. Coca Bochonko is a professional violist and Shannon Loehrke is a professional pianist.

Both have performed at St. Cloud State University multiple times. Mark Springer, who attended the event, said, “It is always great to have guest performers come in and onto campus and share their musical talents.”

Wordless, they walked onto the stage and as soon as the lights dimmed the performance began.

Reena Dahl said that they were “absolutely fabulous.” Bochonko and Loehrke continued on with that pattern of silence and music for the rest of the show with only a few words of thanks near the end.

Coca Bochonko said, “I actually really like playing in this hall. It’s really friendly for strings. I have been playing in the area for 19 years; this is sort my homebase.”

The performance was broken up into three sections, with three songs in each section. Pieces from Elizabeth Maconchy, Johannes Brahms and Eric Ewazen were performed, with the three songs by composer Elizabeth Maconchy performed first.

After each section, Maconchy, Brahm and the page turner for the piano exited the stage for a few minutes, then re-entered and began to play pieces from the next composer.

“For me, I really like the Ewazen one, the last piece we did,” Bochonko said. “And I thought that the second movement was particularly nice.” This particular sonata is currently unpublished, but was recorded in the 1990s for a CD.

After the show, both Bochonko and Loehrke bowed multiple times and went to mingle with the audience members. They talked and shook hands with multiple people, including Reena Dahl who said, “I loved the musicality and the enthusiasm. It was music that exuded from the players.”

Coca Bochonko lives in St. Cloud. She has performed with many different orchestras including the Minnesota Orchestra, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Opera.

Shannon Loehrke teaches piano at Century College in Minnesota. Previously, she taught at the University of Minnesota, Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, and St. Cloud State University.

Together, they have performed recitals in Minnesota, Manitoba, Wisconsin and Texas. The music they perform are little known pieces by English (MaConchy and Brahm) and one American (Ewazen) composer.

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