Patience Yalartai takes One Last Jump

Patience Yalartai, a senior jumper at St. Cloud State University placed seventh against all competitors to become a NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field All-American, in the triple jump for the first time in her collegiate career.

“It’s a great feeling, I have reached the height of my profession as a Collegiate athlete, and it is absolutely an amazing feeling,” Yalartai said when asked how it felt to be an all American.

“Really wanting it contributed to my success. I like my sport and I really wanted to reach that point of All-American status, so I kept at it until I reached it,” she said.

When talking about her experience at nationals she commented:

“I think my performance at Nationals was good compared to the other times at Nationals. In the past things just didn’t come together and I didn’t perform my best. Yet this time it was all or nothing because it was my last indoor season.”

Finishing with the top eight finishers achieving NCAA DII Track & Field All-American status, Yalartai recorded a 12.22m/40’1.25” on her second jump to be one of nine finalists for the event. Achieving her goal for the season.

“Though finally becoming an All-American was great, I think my biggest accomplishment was finally winning conference in the triple jump,” Yalartai said after discussing her biggest accomplishment of the season.

This season, she also won the triple jump a total of four times during the indoor season. Finishing in the top five in the central region and was NSIC All-Conference with her event win in the championship. Yalartai also became the first SCSU NCAA DII Indoor All-American since Becky Schmidt to earn it in the long jump. This is the third year in which Yalartai competed in the NCAA DII Indoor Track & Field Championships in the triple jump.

Yalartai believes this was one of her best seasons and that a lot of rest helped contribute to her success.

“For my workouts, I mainly practice the mechanics for jumping. I used to do a lot of running but now I just focus on jumping. Also, weight lifting is a big factor as well,” Yalartai said. “As for my diet I don’t have one, I know as an athlete I should be eating better but I’m someone who really really loves food.”

As far as balancing school and sports, Yalartai said it’s challenging.

“It gets really hard sometimes especially also having a part-time job. But I have to find time where I’m able to do both, because I have to go to school, and can’t give up track, so by deciding to keep both I have to make time.”

Yalartai had an outstanding season full of accomplishments and honors, and she said it all dates back to when she fell in love with track in her senior year of high school.

When asked what motivates her to be great, she said she likes the competition.

“I like seeing other people who jump further than me. Just seeing that motivates me to try to pass their mark.”

Patience Yalartai’s record-breaking career at SCSU may be over soon, but her legacy will last for a lifetime.










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