Passport Around the World brings out all ages

On November 9, the multicultural student organization held an event called ‘Passport Around the World’ in the Atwood Ballroom. When you entered, they gave you a passport to get stamps from each country. Every booth that was set up represented a different country informing you about their culture. Some booths included games, showcased the money in that country, artwork and different facts about the country itself. I was able to talk to Emily, age 20, about the event. “I really liked that each booth was able to show me their culture, because I was not familiar with many of the countries. I have no been outside of the United States. I have lived in Washington and Minnesota, so it was cool to see all the different cultural things the world has to offer.” Many of the booths had a different attraction that brought you to them. Japan had a beautiful rice art that was showcased in the middle of the Asian countries; Saudi Arabia wrote your name in Saudi Arabian and also had a favorite food from their country, Dates, for you to try. Chile had Chilean candy, Jamaica had a celebrity board and you had to guess which ones were from Jamaica.
They also had a stage set up where some of the countries did a performance of a cultural dance. Japan did a traditional dance and song, and then a guy that was from Jamaica did a rap performance. There were many people that watched with awe at the different entertainment styles that come from the countries. Emily said “It was so entertaining seen the different dances and songs because you don’t get to see that in the United States. I don’t even think the United States has a traditional dance or song that we could perform. We have just soaked up other cultures dances and songs and mixed it all together.” Darlene said, “My kids really enjoyed the performance where the country did the limbo and got them involved.”
There were people of many different ages that attended, from children that were seven years old to adults that were 65. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying all the different things the event had to offer. Darlene, age 42, said, “This is a really cool event for St. Cloud State to put on for free. I brought my kids here because they really don’t get to see this in their everyday life. I wanted to expose them to all the different cultures that are around the world because I was not able to travel the world when I was younger, and I want them to experience that if they wish to.” Emily said, “Overall, my favorite part was traveling to each booth and learning about each country, it inspired to travel to a different country to see what the world has to offer. My favorite booth was Japan because I got to play Mancala, and totally won.” Darlene said, “My favorite part was seeing my children interact with each booth, asking questions, and being amazed by the things they have never seen before. They were so excited when they got a stamp from each booth they would run up and show me and tell me about what they learned. My kids said their favorite booth was Chile because they got candy and there was a furry hat that was cool looking.”

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