Parking on campus is a nightmare

Parking on campus has always been a problem for many students and visiting family members and friends. The list is son long, I’m not even sure where to begin.

Parking Lots 

Purchasing a parking pass for any lot on SCSU campus is expensive. My freshman year, I bought on for Q Lot, all the way on the end of campus, costing me around $200; and that was the cheapest one I could get. Why are the passes so much? Are we not already paying for our classes and textbooks? The only logical reason I can think as to why the students have to pay for the lots is because there are certain lots for faculty only and they don’t want students taking those spaces.

Parking Tickets 

It seems like every year SCSU raises prices on parking tickets. Two years ago if you got a parking ticket it was only $20 and if you paid it within a week, it went down to $10. Now, though, if you get a parking ticket it’s going to cost you $30 (if paid in a week, down to $25.) Why were prices raised? Again, we’re already paying for tuition, why should we have to pay for parking?

Pay Lots

Although the parking lots and tickets are a bit ridiculous, my least favorite thing is having to pay to park in the parking ramp and in the Miller Center lot. Seventy-five cents per half hour is outrageous. If you need to be on campus for two hours you’ll be paying three dollars; I feel bad for those students who park and pay every day. I’ve avoided doing this as much as possible, mainly because I was about ten minutes late getting back to my car after my time had expired and had a ticket on my car. Being ticketed $30 for ten minutes is so backwards.

Personally, I really feel like SCSU only cares about making money. Cutting the budgets was unavoidable yes, but they shouldn’t be raising prices to park when we already give an arm and a leg to attend school. And not to mention those who live in the dorms, having to pay even more for lodgings and food.

In conclusion there should still be lots for faculty to park where students can’t but parking should be a “free, first come, first serve” kind of thing instead of making us pay $500 to have a space in the parking ramp or one of the A Lots. If we’re already paying for everything else here, there is no reason we should have to pay for parking. Thank god the buses are free for students.

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