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Huskies come from behind again, remain undefeated

A three-goal third period gave the Huskies their fifth straight come-from-behind victory of the season, defeating Duluth in their first inter-conference matchup of the season. In a game filled with power plays, four-on-four action, and over 65 shots, No. 2 St. Cloud State (6-0-0, 1-0-0 NCHC) defeated No. 8 Duluth (4-3-2, 0-1-0 NCHC) 5-3 to remain undefeated. After giving up the lead twice in the second period, St. Cloud State put their foot on the gas pedal and didn’t let up in the third. Midway through the final period, forward Ethan Brodzinski tallied his first goal of the season, ultimately ending up to be the game-winner. The Huskies produced 10 shots on goal in the first period, including a breakaway opportunity by Ryan Poehling, but were unable to get the puck past Bulldogs goaltender Hunter Shepard. Shepard finished with 29 saves on the night. After a scoreless first period, a… Keep Reading


The Foreigner: Action packed chaos

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan go head to head in the action-packed, twisted movie, The Foreigner. Jackie Chan plays Ngoc Quan, an immigrant and British citizen from China who seeks out revenge after his teenage daughter is killed in an explosion. The movie begins with Quan picking up his daughter (played by Katie Leung) from school. Their lives seem normal and her biggest problem is getting the perfect dress for the school dance. Quan drops her off and watches her walk into the store. A couple of seconds later someone blows up the shop, injuring and killing dozens of people. Amongst the deceased is his daughter. Before moving to England, Quan’s wife and other two daughters were kidnapped and murdered by Thai pirates. She was the only family member he had left. The story comes off as a little cliché, but it takes a slightly different direction than expected. Quan… Keep Reading

Mid-season analysis of the Vikings quarterback controversy
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The Case for Case Keenum – Vikings Quarterback Controversy

The Vikings enter bye week at 6-2 on top of their division and rolling through a four-game win streak. Despite this seemingly positive position the team is in halfway through the season, they face a big decision at the quarterback position upcoming. With four quarterbacks potentially on the roster when the team enters their week 10 matchup with the Redskins, moves are on the horizon. Sam Bradford, who played at a high level in the season-opening win over the Saints, has not been healthy since. In this regard, Bradford will likely either move to injured reserve for the remainder of the season, or backup Kyle Sloter will be moved to the practice squad (or cut altogether). Then there is the once-promising Teddy Bridgewater. After more than a year-long recovery process, Bridgewater is poised to return to the lineup in week 10. The Vikings coaching staff now need to determine if… Keep Reading


Why Gerrymandering creates political discrimination

Gerrymandering is the most useful tool for ensuring the continuation of political power. It turned my home state of Wisconsin from a blue-ish purple state into a ruby-red one, especially at the state level. Talking as a Democrat (a lover as Democracy, not a member of the Democratic Party), I see it as the biggest threat to our Republic. Every ten years, we have to take a census of the population. Based on who is accounted for, a state is awarded a number of Congressional seats. This is the same where each state redraws its legislative boundaries. Gerrymandering, in the broadest of terms, is to maximize the power of one party over the other for the next decade. The Supreme Court has struck down gerrymandering based on race in several different cases. The reasoning behind the Court’s decisions was the 14th Amendment: Equal Protection. By deliberately packing minority voters into… Keep Reading

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KVSC and GREAT Theatre recreate War of the Worlds broadcast

Only 79 years ago, the radio show War of the Worlds, by Orson Wells, took the nation by storm. The GREAT Theatre paired up with St. Cloud State University’s radio station KVSC on October 28, to recreate such a legendary broadcast. The broadcast that created terror in America in 1938 has become a staple in American history. Orson Wells, renowned director, and writer was famous for his realistic writing skills. At the time, Wells wanted to write and put something on-air that was terrifying for Halloween night. He had produced a story about aliens invading New York City, then quickly spreading to other parts of the nation. Because it was only showcased on the radio at the time, the audience could only listen to the story as it unfolded, using life-like sound effects and voices making it all more realistic. So, for those who had decided to tune in later… Keep Reading


Unpaid Internships are slavery

Many of us have had to work internships before, the vast number of which were unpaid. For me, it was a requirement for my Master’s and a way to gain valuable experience. There’s nothing wrong with requiring internships for graduation or to gain experience. I would argue that they are a vital part to bridging the academic portion of our studies to the real-world perspectives. The issue is nearly all of these internships are unpaid. The definition of slavery in the strictest sense is the buying and selling of people. Applying this to the student-employer relationship, it’s exploiting student labor without compensation. You see, Dear Reader, by forcing students to get internships, there’s no incentive for businesses to pay them. Laws on the books are lax in this regard because students don’t vote as much as older and richer members of society. As such, this is very low on the… Keep Reading

Satan’s Little Helper: The method actor of madness

I find it a relieving feeling that I can continue to be surprised by my movie stack. I often buy by the title or covers alone, but I don’t remember where I managed to find this movie. Whether you believe me in saying that or not – and considering the season, I understand why – this film blindsided me with how much I enjoyed it in actuality and not in mockery or at its expense. Satan’s Little Helper is a genuinely enjoyable film and one I find hard discussing in detail like I normally do. The reason I find it hard to discuss this movie, other than it’s religiously polarizing title, is my usual style involves dissecting a movie down to core elements and going into detail why they work and don’t work. A boon for when the subject of discussion is a horrible film that has more cracks in… Keep Reading


Why Mueller’s investigation must continue

In recent days, several Republicans in the House and Senate have come forward and said that special counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation should be cut off because of the lack of indictments, political hit jobs, and secret nature of things. Democrats, on the other hand, want to protect Mueller. Let’s take these on point-by-point. The first indictments are coming down on Monday, including Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. This is not a political hit job; this is an effort to make certain that the President and his top advisers did not engage in collusion with Moscow. If they did, then they should be tried and convicted. Thirdly, this isn’t secret. The ongoing investigations are being reported on, even if all the facts aren’t released yet. Any defendants will be tried openly through the legal process. It should also be noted that when Kenneth Starr investigated President Clinton, Democrats were calling for… Keep Reading


SCSU homecoming makes a comeback

The 2018-2019 school year will mark the first year St. Cloud State will have had a homecoming celebration since 2010. Since the university made the announcement, students and staff have expressed their excitement about the return of this piece of University history. “I’m very pleased that it’s back and people are going to be excited,” St. Cloud State University Archivist and Professor Tom Steman said. “I hope there will be big events for [alum] to come back to and I really hope students get engaged and are excited about homecoming.” Next school year will also mark the 150th year since SCSU first opened its doors. The University was founded in 1869 and its first homecoming celebration was held in 1925. Steman believes, but is uncertain, that SCSU has had a homecoming celebration every consecutive year since 1925 up until 2010 when it was taken away for various reasons. “Students are… Keep Reading

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