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How to survive a Minnesota winter: some advice to newcomers from veterans

This upcoming winter isn’t staying shy, in fact, mother nature is already giving us a taste of the cold front coming ahead. Only a couple weeks ago, did Minnesota hit a high of 68 degrees and now in the beginning of November, we are plummeting into a new average high of 34 degrees. With winter coming quicker than ever, it’s that time of the year again where the swimsuits are tucked away, and the snow boots come out. As St. Cloud State is the home to many from Minnesota, who are used to this type of weather, the school also has students coming from across the country and across the world. With that being said, there are students who have never lived through a Minnesota winter or have even seen snow for that matter. The University Chronicle had the opportunity to sit down with three Huskies who have grown up in… Keep Reading


Minneapolis, your vote counts!

Local elections are the most underappreciated devotions to citizenship in the United States. Nationally, only about five percent of the voting population participates in these elections and the Twin Cities are hosting theirs tomorrow so I’m willing to bet many of my fellow student-citizens have a vested interest in this mayoral race. I must admit, I have not done my duty in keeping the Chronicle’s readers focused on these local races despite their importance. In my defense, Donald Trump is the President.  The vast majority of governance happens at the local level. Zoning, affordable housing, sidewalks, road repair, and dozens of other government activities are overwhelmingly or exclusively local government actions. Politico ran a story last week about the discrepancy between what mayors believe Millennials want versus what Millennials actually need. The number one need for our generation, according to this survey, was affordable housing. I want to give a… Keep Reading


The Midterm Barometer: How New Jersey and Virginia can set the stage for 2018 elections

I know midterms aren’t for another year. I’m sorry, I can’t resist. The reason I point this out is that Virginia and New Jersey have their gubernatorial elections, while the Utah 3rd District is up for grabs. Recently, I’ve written articles about Alabama and early projections, but Virginia, and to a lesser extent New Jersey, are bellwether states that usually give an indicator as to how well parties may do in the midterms.  I would like to stress that reading too much into these races is foolhardy. These are not standalone elections but should be read as part of the grand narrative that 2017 special elections have written. Democrats have outperformed their polling averages by about eight percentage points. Currently, the Real Clear Politics polling average has Lt. Governor Northam defeating challenger Ed Gillespie by two points in Virginia, while challenger Phil Murphy is crushing Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno by… Keep Reading


Susanne Bier’s “In a Better World” calls attention to international violence

On Monday, October 23, the Department of Theater and Film Studies kicked off their annual event: the International Film Series. It is an event that showcases internationally recognized films that have otherwise made their mark in the film industry. The starter of the series this year was the truth telling movie named In a Better World directed by Susanne Bier. Susanne Bier is a Danish director who is changing the way the world looks at movies. Her main focus in all of her movies, no matter what the theme, is to demonstrate using family structures that are endangered by outside forces. The first of her films that were recognized by critics and made its way to America, was Broken Hearts (2002). Soon after that, another film of hers that made its way to America and then to the New York Film Festival was Brothers (2004), which was then remade by… Keep Reading


Trouble in Paradise: What St. Cloud can do to improve on-campus housing

I’m not really one for “rant pieces”. The long, not entirely sensible, Facebook-esque pieces that don’t contribute to the public discussion, but seem to exist only for the narrow echo chamber do not count as journalism in my book. That being said, I would like to point out two large problems I see around campus.  The first is the absolutely disgusting housing for students living off campus. I have toured several Universities in three different states and in each of them, the few blocks surrounding campus were the safest and most beautiful parts of the city. This is not the case in St. Cloud. The various state of disrepair, chipping paint, and poor lighting scream apathy.   Obviously, students and renters could do more to pick up places around their homes. Structural problems, bad paint, and other things of that nature are the fault of the landlords. The permissiveness in allowing… Keep Reading


Walking in a winter wonderland (of parking tickets)

What comes to mind when you think of winter? Snow? Hot chocolate? Christmas trees, maybe? Well, for those driving in the St. Cloud area, parking tickets might also come to mind when they think of winter – and many members of the St. Cloud community feel as if they haven’t been informed well enough on winter parking regulations. We reached out to the St. Cloud State Public Safety Parking Department on the matter but they were unavailable for comment. However, the information is out there, but it requires an effort on the community’s behalf to find it. According to Alison Hemmesch, a St. Cloud resident, “when we moved in [to our new house] we weren’t told the regulations of parking in the winter, we just assumed it was the same as the summer months, and then once we got the ticket, we learned we couldn’t park there,” she said. These… Keep Reading

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Hrenak gets the shutout, Huskies win big

After coming from behind to win their last four games, St. Cloud State took the lead early on and didn’t look back, defeating Duluth 5-0 Saturday night at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center. In a game much different from the day before, a shutout from freshman goaltender David Hrenak helped No. 2 St. Cloud State (7-0-0, 2-0-0 NCHC) to a 5-0 victory over No. 8 Duluth (4-4-2, 0-1-0 NCHC) to remain undefeated. Unlike yesterday, it didn’t take long for the scoring to start, as a power play goal from Jacob Benson gave St. Cloud State a 1-0 lead just under 10 minutes into the first period. Moments after killing off a penalty of their own, the Huskies were able to produce a goal with the extra attacker. After catching a pass in the slot from teammate Blake Winiecki, Benson quickly fired a low, blocker-side shot past Shepard, giving him… Keep Reading

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Huskies come from behind again, remain undefeated

A three-goal third period gave the Huskies their fifth straight come-from-behind victory of the season, defeating Duluth in their first inter-conference matchup of the season. In a game filled with power plays, four-on-four action, and over 65 shots, No. 2 St. Cloud State (6-0-0, 1-0-0 NCHC) defeated No. 8 Duluth (4-3-2, 0-1-0 NCHC) 5-3 to remain undefeated. After giving up the lead twice in the second period, St. Cloud State put their foot on the gas pedal and didn’t let up in the third. Midway through the final period, forward Ethan Brodzinski tallied his first goal of the season, ultimately ending up to be the game-winner. The Huskies produced 10 shots on goal in the first period, including a breakaway opportunity by Ryan Poehling, but were unable to get the puck past Bulldogs goaltender Hunter Shepard. Shepard finished with 29 saves on the night. After a scoreless first period, a… Keep Reading


The Foreigner: Action packed chaos

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan go head to head in the action-packed, twisted movie, The Foreigner. Jackie Chan plays Ngoc Quan, an immigrant and British citizen from China who seeks out revenge after his teenage daughter is killed in an explosion. The movie begins with Quan picking up his daughter (played by Katie Leung) from school. Their lives seem normal and her biggest problem is getting the perfect dress for the school dance. Quan drops her off and watches her walk into the store. A couple of seconds later someone blows up the shop, injuring and killing dozens of people. Amongst the deceased is his daughter. Before moving to England, Quan’s wife and other two daughters were kidnapped and murdered by Thai pirates. She was the only family member he had left. The story comes off as a little cliché, but it takes a slightly different direction than expected. Quan… Keep Reading

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