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Kingsman: The Golden Circle dazzles

Nothing is too weird for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The film constantly one-ups itself in how over-the-top it can go in trying to recreate the success of its predecessor, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Without going into detail, there are several scenes involving robotic dogs and pop singer Sir Elton John. How much more crazy can it get than that? Director Matthew Vaughn returns to deliver another hard-hitter in the spy genre. Taron Egerton reprises his role as Gary Unwin, better known as Eggsy, and delivers another solid performance in developing a main character that grabs the audience. From fighting opponents with robotic arms to trying to impress the King and Queen of Sweden, there’s nothing Egerton doesn’t excel at in capturing the essence of the suave spy protagonist. Colin Firth and Mark Strong also return as Harry “Galahad” Hart and “Merlin,” and also add captivation to their roles. Much of the… Keep Reading

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Minnesota Wild 2017-2018 Season Preview

In over a month, Halloween will be upon us. This seems like a strange start to the season preview of the state professional hockey team, but it’s related; the scariest costume to a Minnesotan is someone dressing up as Jake Allen. While I still have nightmares of Jake Allen making save after save against the desperate offense of the Minnesota Wild, I can move on knowing that it’s a new season with new Wild expectations. Let’s start with some farewells; forwards Jason Pominville, Erik Haula, Jordan Schroeder and Alex Tuch and defenseman Marco Scandella are no longer members of the Wild. Pominville and Scandella, along with a third-round pick, were shipped off to Buffalo in exchange for forwards Tyler Ennis and Marcus Foligno and a fourth-round pick. Tuch was traded to the new expansion franchise Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a conditional third round pick, while Haula was picked… Keep Reading


NCHC TV re-introduced as streaming service for most games

Following the streaming path being blazed by sports media outlets across the country, the NCHC has re-introduced and revamped the smartphone application, NCHC TV. The program also has the capability to stream all NCHC games live to computers, Roku’s, and Apple TVs. There are multiple different price points offered to acquire the service. For all access to all NCHC games over the course of the year, the price is $109.95, plus tax. There are also an array of other options available, including a $26.95 monthly pass as well as cheaper team-specific packages. These packages also include all locked content on the NCHC website. Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, NCHC TV will upload post-game press conferences, pre-game interviews, in addition to other behind the scenes content. This will all be watchable on demand, on the website or on the app. The app is also an effective… Keep Reading


Wild’s faithful Finn seals two-year deal

In 2001 the Minnesota Wild began their second season in the NHL. This same year, 18-year-old Mikko Koivu pulled a green and white jersey over his head as the Minnesota Wild selected him in the sixth round of the NHL draft. In four short years, he officially began playing in the State of Hockey, with a team as young as him. He tallied 21 points in his debut season. If that wasn’t impressive enough, his stats improved drastically in the 2006-07 season, burying 20 goals and tallying 34 assists. These accomplishments placed him fifth in his team’s stats for points on-season, sitting behind only the popular names of teammates Brian Rolston, Pavol Demitra, Marian Gaborik, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard. Not bad company to be in, in only his second season in the NHL. Over the years, this feisty Finn has won over the hearts of Minnesota hockey fans as not only… Keep Reading


Students fed-up with limited free parking

If you are a student at St. Cloud State University, then you’re probably aware of the complaints others often have about lack of free parking along with the alleged increase in parking tickets that Public Safety seems to be writing. Many students are under the impression that every time they park their car in a zone they don’t have a parking pass for or violate another rule, they are going to get caught by Public Safety and end up with a hole in their wallet. However, many students don’t know there are two designated areas for them to legally park their car for free on campus. “At 6 o’clock Monday through Friday, L-lot and V-lot are free parking to the public and [also] free parking on the weekends,” Associate Director of Public Safety Jennifer Super said. Although some free parking may be available to students during a certain time of… Keep Reading


Trump voices thoughts on kneeling during anthem

It all started last season when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” As Kaepernick continued to kneel during the national anthem, it was his inspiration to publicly cite the injustices on minorities. It was his way to shed light on something he believed was not right in our amazing country. This phenomenon caught fire as it inspired and spread throughout not only with NFL players (past and present) but also athletes across the globe. Athletes such as U.S. women’s national soccer team player Megan Rapinoe, three volleyball players from West Virginia Tech, three football players from Withrow High School and many more. The kneeling has become so controversial that President Donald Trump has decided to take a stand against what he believed to be disrespectful to our great country. Going as far to say “Get those sons of bitches off… Keep Reading


Winter has come for Westeros

This season of “Game of Thrones” shaped up to be one of the best within the seven-season series. It’s the penultimate season, in which the fate of Westeros will be decided. This season featured the return of series regulars Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harrington in their respective roles as Tyrion, Jaime, and Cersei Lannister, Danaerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow. They team up with all of the supporting characters fans have come to love over the course of the series. Emilia Clarke has voiced her intent on leaving the show once the final season has finished, and she will not be present for any prequels or sequels, that will inevitably follow the series conclusion. This season picked up after the events of the season six finale. Cersei’s been crowned queen, Danaerys has set sail for Dragonstone with the intent of retaking her rightful place on… Keep Reading

Minnesota Twins Wildcard Playoffs
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From Losers to Believers: The Twins Transformed

Last year at this time the Minnesota Twins had lost over 100 games and would find themselves watching the October playoff magic from their TVs. This year, things have turned up for the Twins, who ended 85-77, placing 2nd in the American League Central. On Oct. 3 the Twins will face off against the New York Yankees in a single elimination game in the wild-card round. The odds are stacked against them – who under the former single team wild card system would not have made the playoffs. But the new rules from 2012 played into the Twins favor and they should do whatever they can with the opportunity. The Yankees, however, have a history of toppling the Twins playoff hopes year after year. In the last 15 seasons, the Twins and Yankees have faced off in 4 playoff series: 2002, 2003, 2009 and 2010. In each series the Yankees… Keep Reading


“American Assassin” doesn’t kill it at the box office

CIA operatives have to be ready for anything that comes their way during the mission – whether it be your target escaping, or a double agent working in your midst. Most importantly, however, is to never make the mission a personal vendetta against some previous wrongdoing. Michael Keaton’s character Stan Hurley said that last line to Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien, when training to become a CIA operative in the movie “American Assassin”. In this movie, O’Brien’s character is still reeling from the death of his fiancé at the hands of Islamic Jihadists when he’s recruited by the CIA to become its next hotshot operative. He’s sent to the Roanoke Mountains to train with Michael Keaton’s character Stan Hurley, who’s an ex-navy SEAL and cold war veteran who has many years of experience in the field. Once there he advances quickly through Hurley’s rigorous training and is soon deployed… Keep Reading

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