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Students De-Stress With Pets

St. Cloud State University students gathered in the Atwood Memorial Center on Feb. 8 to de-stress with pets. The Tri-County-Humane Society brought in three dogs for students to pet and spend time with. “It is so comforting to see the pets. I was so happy to see dogs, but it makes me miss my pets back home,” freshman Paige Jaeger said. After two hours of de-stress time, the dogs returned to their home and the students returned to class. De-stress with pets will be available to students again closer to finals week. All photos by Chelsea Bauman. Keep Reading

A & E/Lifestyle/Reviews/Video Games

Video game review: Endless Space 2

I play a lot of games, and quite a few of them are very active in game play, but sometimes I just want to play a game where I can chill out and not have to worry about time being a factor. As a result, I find my library to be an amusing dichotomy of two categories, Chill and Thrill. RollerCoaster Tycoon was my go to chill game for 12 years, up to 2015. I loved making wooden roller coasters, but I started to realize how much time I was giving that game. I cut it down almost entirely, but then came the problem of not having a game to replace it for the purposes of relaxing. Thanks to Amplitude Studios, I have my new chill game: Endless Space 2 (ES2). Game: Endless Space 2 (PC) Developer: Amplitude Studios Publisher: SEGA Endless Space 2 is the titular sequel to the… Keep Reading


St. Cloud White Student Union: Who they are and what they want you to know, Part 1

A group calling themselves the St. Cloud White Student Union recently posted flyers on campus that had statements on it including, “Whites Unite” and “You will not shame us. You will not silence us. You will not replace us.” After processing the initial introduction of the group to the SCSU campus, we, at the University Chronicle, decided we needed to know more about this group. Namely, who are they, what are they about, and what are their plans. I contacted the group’s Facebook page to speak with a representative of the group. I was told by someone who messaged me back that they, “prefer [that] conversation and questions are directed via social media or email.” I later found out they feared being identified. I left my contact information and within days someone called “Sam,” using a secured Proton Mail email address, contacted me. What followed were surprising revelations that were… Keep Reading


Opinion: Sadly, Freedom of Speech Loses Again

The following opinion piece was submitted by Kathy Uradnik, Professor of Political Science at St. Cloud State University.  There were no winners in last week’s controversy over the display of political messages by the SCSU College Republicans, but there were plenty of losers.  They included our student body, which once again witnessed what has become all too common on college campuses:  that the constitutional rights of some can be canceled by the objections of others. Whatever one thought about the College Republicans’ display in the Atwood Student Center, there is no dispute as to its constitutionality:  it was protected free speech.  America has a deep and abiding commitment to freedom of speech; it is a core right.  The first amendment protects many forms of speech, but reserves its highest protection for political speech.  If a nation is to be based on diversity and the diverse viewpoints that come with it, speech… Keep Reading


Malaysian Night Gallery

Students, staff, alumni, faculty and community members gathered to celebrate Malaysian Night held on Feb. 3, 2018. Throughout the night, songs, poems, dances and speeches were performed. After the entertainment came to an end, a meal was served buffet style to all those in attendance. Malaysian styled food was on the menu, some of which was given a heads-up about the level of spiciness. The event took place in the Atwood Ballroom at St. Cloud State University. All images by Chelsea Bauman. Keep Reading

Creative Arts/Lifestyle

Andrew Norwood brings contemporary art to St. Cloud gallery

When people think of rural Minnesota, they imagine cornfields, farmland and the beginning of the Great Plains, but to artist and photographer Andrew Nordin, he sees those sights through a different lens. Nordin’s Gallery of paintings has been on display at the gallery across the street from the Paramount Theater for the last month as part of the organization’s monthly feature local artist display. They’ve been up since mid-January. The Paramount said it invites serious master artists to present in the gallery and they decide which pieces of their work they want to put up. They can either select new pieces of work for their showing or they bring back old material and create a particular theme for their time there. Executive Director for the Paramount Center for the Arts Bob Johnson said Nordin has a distinct way he paints his pictures. For those viewing them for the first time,… Keep Reading

Saudi Night 2018 demonstrates power in convergence

Starting off a new Sunday on a gorgeous day in January, many students, faculty and those of the St. Cloud community gather to celebrate the Saudi Student Club’s very first cultural night in the last five years. While the room was filled with excitement, history, and enthusiasm, the theme of the event, “Alsallamo Alaiko” or “peace be with you” really stood out on that wonderful night of cultural education and appreciation. The occasion was composed of many different skits, all of which were entertaining, to demonstrate what life is like in Saudi Arabia. They ranged all the way from simply eating breakfast with your family in the morning to going to large celebratory events. The organization had shown their traditions and beliefs through wild passion, loud cheers and free-spirited dancing with one another. Not only that but what made the night different from other cultural events was their ability to… Keep Reading


Demonstrators stay heated during Super Bowl protest, march in sub-zero temperatures

Despite below zero temperatures, demonstrators marched for over three hours through Minneapolis on Sunday to protest, what they say, is police brutality and corporate greed. The protest was organized by over 20 twin cities social justice organizations that merged together into the “Super Bowl Anti-Racist & Anti-Corporate Coalition.” According to the group’s Facebook page, the protest was not just against “racist police brutality and the sell out of our city to greedy NFL owners and corporate sponsors,” but in support of athletes who took a knee this year – both professional and school-age. “We’re here to speak out for justice in general,” said Jess Sundin, a member of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar, “[We’re here] to demand an end to police violence in our communities and to say no to the giveaway of our city to the rich visitors from out of town,” Sundin added. Jamar Clark… Keep Reading


“Wall” removed, prompting College Republicans president to resign

After what was often emotionally charged, speeches and discussion, the College Republicans of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) agreed to take down the infamous “wall” that led to protests and anxiety from St. Cloud State students. During the weekly student government meeting Thursday, Feb. 1, multiple students voiced their concerns about the “wall” after a flyer that was posted around Atwood asking students to come to the meeting if the College Republicans “wall” that was displayed in Atwood made them uncomfortable. “Hatred has infiltrated St. Cloud State,” said Matt Hubert, a student at SCSU, speaking during the open forum. Hubert also voiced frustration about perceived inaction by the student government and the school administration, a common theme Thursday night. “The worst part is that we allow it to happen. That is the worst part. The institution allows it to happen. Student government allows it to happen. The people allow it… Keep Reading

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