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A Journalist’s Take on A Journalist’s Take

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Curiosity is the catalyst to discovery. A journalist’s job is to follow where their curious minds take them, fueled by a passionate desire to come upon the truth. It is in these truths that we establish our beliefs and morals. As a journalist, there is no greater reward than pursuing a story and turning a hunch into a reality. But sometimes the truth isn’t the result of initial expectations. Sometimes it forces us to come face to face with one of the biggest decisions a person can ever be asked to make: follow the facts or believe in the fiction. Based on a true story, the 2017 American Christian drama, “The Case for Christ” follows the life of journalist Lee Strobel (played by Mike Vogel) in his pursuit to uncover the truth behind Jesus Christ. After Lee and his wife Leslie (played by Erika Christensen) witness a stranger save their daughter…

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Free speech is under assault in Minnesota

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In civics and history classes in our Republic, we hear the same stories so much that some of us just tune out completely, we end up forgetting things. As for myself, I lapped it all up. Civics, history, political theory, the question of citizenship, all of those are like drugs to me. I recently purchased a copy of the Federalist Papers, which I know will relegate me to “nerdy political junkie” status for the rest of my life, and I am more than happy to own up to it. In those same stories we hear, the buildup to the Revolution goes something like this: King George taxes the colonists. Colonists say “no taxation without representation.” King George and Prime Minister North said, “eat my shorts” and enacted the Intolerable Acts. Boston Massacre. Lexington and Concord. Bunker Hill. War. Declaration of Independence. America wins, the end. What’s lost but so very…

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There’s always next year, right? The 2016-17 Timberwolves season recap

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In a league where you need superstars to win, the outlook was bleak for the Minnesota Timberwolves around 2012. With Kevin Love wanting out (and not being a superstar anyway), no one was really sure when that coveted star would be possible. The Wolves have busted more times in the draft than most teams, including one of the worst slip-ups in NBA history, choosing both Ricky Rubio AND Jonny Flynn over some dude named Steph Curry. Luckily, with the late, great Flip Saunders at the helm, the Wolves traded Love to the Cavaliers for a package that included college star Andrew Wiggins. The very next year, the Timberwolves had the #1 overall pick in the draft, and they chose Karl-Anthony Towns. These two players have both excelled greatly in their short time in the NBA, and heading into the 2016-17 season, hopes were high for the Wolves. After Saunders’ tragic…

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Changes to SCSU student constitution approved

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In March, St. Cloud State University held its spring Student Government election which led to a presidential victory by Jack O’Neil-Como and his running mate Kayla Shelley. But the election also gave voters the opportunity to voice their opinions on changes the Student Constitution Committee was seeking for the Student Constitution. The Student Constitution is a document outlining the basis of Student Government with topics ranging from the organization’s structure to a broad outlining of what power they can utilize. Changes have not been made to the Constitution since the Fall 2010 election, which has made the ability to edit the document a challenge. “Until this election, the last time we received enough votes to even make an amendment was Fall Semester of 2011,” said Constitution Committee Chair Devin Smith. For the Constitution to be amended, it’s required that 8 percent of the SCSU student body votes in the general election…

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Development spotlight: ‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’

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Platform: PC (console releases coming in the future) Periodically, I find myself interested by an Early Access (E.A.) game, such as ‘Hover’, which is uncommon as I generally avoid E.A. games like the plague. For the unaware, Early Access (also known by many other names) games are games that are released early to allow people to play while the game is still in development. This allows for gamers to experience a game early while a developer gets money up front to aid in development. As of late, the category is filled with concept games and shovelware, with no guarantee that any of them will be finished. That possibility could come true (nothing is ever certain) for the game of focus in this discussion, but even if it weren’t completed I’d still say it was worth the time I have spent and continue to spend on it. ‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’…

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DFL Leader Takes A Stand For Justice

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Rep. Melissa Hortman has been garnering quite a few kudos from left-leaning publications, citizens of color groups, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party over her comments a few weeks ago when she said (ironically) that she was, “sorry to break up the white male poker game.” The comment was made during a debate about the criminalization of free speech bill that Rep. Nick Zweras authored, which would permit police agencies to sue protesters to recover the costs of having officers stationed at a site. After a speech made by Rep. Ilhan Omar, Hortman noticed that several members of the Minnesota House were not in attendance. Rep. Bob Dettmer demanded that Hortman apologize, but she refused. Rather, she pointed out each and every woman of color that made a speech on the issue and stated that she was tired of seeing them ignored when the white men went to…

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Choosing a Career Path

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Choosing a career is not always easy. It is not easy to just flip a switch and magically know what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. It is rather a challenging task. It takes time, effort and deep research. I have a friend who started with computer science, changed to politics, then to business, then to marketing, then switched to communications and ended up in advertising. It took her a lot of time to realize what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. It took trying out a lot of majors. A lot. As a freshman, you are probably not looking for a major right away, you are most likely looking for how to make friends, where the parties are at (for most freshman students, not all), the fun things to do and so on. But a major? not yet. Freshman students would…

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SCSU eSports hosts Spring League of Legends Tournament

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On April 15, gamers took to Atwood to compete in St. Cloud State eSports’ Spring League of Legends Tournament. The event was officially sanctioned by the LoL developer, Riot, who also supplied Riot Points as prizes. With 10 teams of five players each competing, including both SCSU students and community members, the event lasted nearly all day. It was also streamed live on Twitch and in Atwood, where about 100 people tuned in to watch the matches. The “MNSU Chimps” placed first with a roster of feelsbatman, ILoveVarus, Ransackmoose, Gegabyte, and Under 50 Percent (who became the tournament MVP). They received 2017 championship jerseys, mousepads, Red Bull, Riot Points and a plaque for their victory. In second was “St. Cloud 9” and in third place, “JFK was outside of heal range” who also received prizes for their efforts. Both the second and third place finishers were teams made up of…

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