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The Grey Area of Sexual Abuse

Everyone in society needs to be aware of the struggles that certain communities go through on a daily basis. Understanding these struggles help to limit certain problems that groups deal with every day. Helping to create a bigger resistance to these issues, and a possible end. Sexual abuse is a struggle that no one should ever have to deal with. While we understand the solid definition of sexual abuse we sometimes forget to look at and understand the grey area surrounding sexual abuse, especially when it comes to women.  “I do believe there is a grey area,” Brad Buchman, a senior at St. Cloud State University said.  “I believe that not many people know what all falls into the category of harassment or abuse. There needs to be a greater overall understanding.”  We see this grey area in almost every facet of our communities, yet nowhere else more prevalent than… Keep Reading


Opinion: Why I speak up and you should too.

Writing has given me the opportunity to speak up, make my mark, use my voice, pass my message across and make a big difference. When I was younger, I wanted to speak up but my teachers told me to be quiet. My teachers wanted me to be a quiet girl and to be good. Being good was equivalent to being quiet. “Only bad girls speak up” My class teachers Mrs. Maureen said to me. “Bad girls are loud, they talk too much and they scare people away.” I was never going to be a bad girl. I was going to be a very good girl so I never spoke up in class. I sat at the back, never answered questions in class, never spoke to my classmates especially boys (Mrs. Maureen said only bad girls talk to boys or like them), never wanted to be seen and I always worked… Keep Reading


Opinion: Internship with the Office of Secretary of State

I applied to the Capitol Pathways Leadership Program during Fall of 2016. I applied knowing that I was not sure that I could get into the competitive program but I believed in myself because that is the first step to being successful. Always believe in yourself and trust your heart that things would work well in your favor at the end. I got an email that I was accepted and got the email on December 14, 2016, and I was really excited about it. I was getting accepted into my second leadership program. My first leadership program was called Jugaad and I was part of the first cohort. This one I was going to be part of the second cohort but I liked it because they had experience from feedback to make the program better. I loved being able to speak to alumni and ask for advice. I was grateful… Keep Reading


DFL Committee breaks down election process

It seems like just yesterday America was enduring the 2016 presidential elections and now with gubernatorial races behind us, midterms are now less than a year away and for Minnesota, there’s a lot at stake. The Northstar state currently has all 134 seats in the house and a governorship up for grabs in 2018 midterms, meaning both Democrats and Republicans are starting to fuel their bases. Last week, the Central Minnesota DFL met in the Greater St. Cloud Public Library to give their supporters a rundown of what to expect starting in 2018. Many people think it’s plain and simple, they can just run to the polls in November, cast their votes and go on their merry way. However, that’s not the case. Primaries and Caucuses hold special value in a democracy as it helps narrow down the number of candidates running in the election, but caucuses hold special importance. Benjamin… Keep Reading


Fire Explorer Program offers opportunities

For the last 22 years, the St. Cloud Fire Department has organized and played host to the Fire Explorer Post 2032 and is back for another year of fun for young firefighters. The Fire Service Explorer post is a program that offers a wide variety of activities for adolescents from ages 14 through 20. “We do basic fire one and two training and it’s just a way to see if this is something they want to do as a career,” St. Cloud Firefighter and Fire Explorer lead advisor, Andrew Rasmussen said. The program operates nationwide and only costs $50 a year to get involved. The affordable amount pays for things such as insurance for the program and a tee shirt, along with safety equipment like glasses, a helmet, boots, and more. “It kind of helps bring some of these kids up just from the local community and let them know… Keep Reading

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Review in: Just Disappointment League

Justice League was a critical point film. After the release of Wonder Woman, Warner Brothers’ DC films found the perfect turning point to relieve themselves of some of their prior filmography gaffs. The lukewarm Man of Steel, followed by the universally panned Batman V Superman, and the identity-confused Suicide Squad all combined to give DC superhero movies the earned reputation of being inferior Marvel film clones. With the release of Wonder Woman, I honestly felt they finally began how to understand the tired formula they were ripping off. It was decently paced, I liked the character development, and the only real improvements I could offer were to lose the abused slow-mo, ditch the awful CG effects, and to improve the story and dialog writing to not require so much damned exposition. I think you can figure out the reason for including a mini-review in this review if you weren’t already… Keep Reading


Thor: Ragnarok thunders its way to the top

This November, Thor: Ragnarok thundered its way into theaters, featuring the titular God of Thunder. This version iterates with a more colorful and more funny Thor than we’ve seen in past films. Humorously styling himself as “the strongest avenger,” he struggles with the oncoming threat of the goddess of death: Hela. Played by Cate Blanchett, Hela proves to be too much for the God of Thunder after she is released from her inter-dimensional prison. This is realized when she effortlessly destroys Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in an early melee in the film. The humor and colorful set pieces were designed to homage the Thor comics of the 1980’s. This design largely worked well with the plotline of the movie, but the soundtrack felt out of place in some of the key moments of the movie. Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant song worked for the trailer, but not the climactic battle in Asgaard. The… Keep Reading


Opinion: The Baha’i faith received worldwide attention

The local Baha’i community in St. Cloud, Minnesota organized a one of a kind anniversary for their faith. The Baha’i faith was founded in Iran around 1863 and the founder was Baha’u’llah whose name means the Glory of God. The event which was about Baha’u’llah’s 200th-year birth, got worldwide attention by government officials, such as Jimmy Carter, Theresa May and many more. Baha’u’llah’s cornerstone teaching is about the promotion of the fundamental unity in all things. The religions of the past have prepared for a world that soon will be considered as one country and all humanity as its citizens. This is what Jesus Christ spoke of when He said, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” The basic principle of the faith is the oneness of humanity, the oneness of religion and the oneness of God. Also, God has sent to humanity teachings to guide… Keep Reading

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