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K-Street event helping students vote

Interested in getting out and exercising your rights as a United States citizen? Don’t forget to get out and vote Nov. 4. But, before making that vote, be sure to be aware of the candidates and where they stand on issues. An event called K-Street is occurring today, Nov. 3 in the Atwood Memorial Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is a free event organized by the Minnesota State Student Association through their ‘Get Out the Vote’ (GOTV) campaign, which is a non-partisan campaign to increase the number of voters. The event is designed to take place the day before the election in order to gain awareness for voting and provide students with information about candidates and issues going on today. They will be doing this by hosting the event within the Student Union of SCSU in Atwood. Political interest groups and others that want to bring representatives… Keep Reading

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Coalition counters hate

What began as an intention of a racist, hurtful rally against Muslim and Somali community members in St. Cloud turned into a positive, historical event on Oct. 25. The city of St. Cloud has one of the highest Somali populations in the United States, while some community members have been more welcoming that others, many were there to support in response to the hate rally. It all began on social media, when a hate group created a Facebook page promoting a rally against St. Cloud’s Muslim and Somali community members. No one could anticipate the reaction that followed, as people formed together to support St. Cloud’s diverse community. In response to the hate group, a new group formed that promoted a very different message: Unity. The ‘We are One 4 Social Justice Coalition’ first formed Oct. 2, as a group of students and administration members from SCSU, St. Bens, St.… Keep Reading

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‘Granite City Radio Theatre’ is back for third season

Live radio theatre is a feat not commonly performed today. Most radio productions, like NPR’s ‘Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!’ or MPR’s ‘Wits’ are recorded and then edited for a later airtime. At the Pioneer Place Theatre in St. Cloud, ‘Granite City Radio Theatre’ performs to an audience and simultaneously airs live on KVSC, SCSUs radio station. ‘Granite City Radio Theatre’ is now entering its third season, this season’s premiere airing this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Supported by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Fund, ‘Granite City Radio Theatre’ seeks to provide entertainment to the St. Cloud community, and reaches beyond, airing live on KVSC, whose broadcast reaches a 70-mile perimeter. Entertaining a live and radio audience can be a juggle, as the show’s writer and emcee Jay Terry understands. Terry says he’s constantly playing to the live audience, something that he is familiar with, having… Keep Reading

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A year in Sri Lanka is represented at Vichithra

Diverse multiculturalism was the focus of “Vichithra” Sri Lankan Night 2014. Ayubowan Sri Lanka Organization held “Vichithra” on September 20. Instead of giving a basic overview of the history and facts about Sri Lanka, the presentation took the audience through all the months of the year, from January to December. Sri Lankan students explained what life is like in Sri Lanka for every month, including several celebrations Sri Lanka has throughout the year. As stated by the event’s emcees, 25 holidays are celebrated throughout the year in Sri Lanka. The event began with the lighting of a ceremonial candle by several members of SCSU faculty. Throughout the presentation were traditional dances and demonstrations of Sri Lankan traditions and games. One dance involved three women dancing with fire, a tradition that is part of the festival of lights that occurs in September. At one point of the presentation a volunteer participant… Keep Reading

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‘The Skeleton Twins’, charming and affecting

Saturday Night Live veterans Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are the leads in the film ‘The Skeleton Twins’, but be warned, this is not a comedy. The film premiered last January at the Sundance film festival and was released in the U.S. on September 12. An independent film, it was directed by Craig Johnson, who co-wrote the screenplay and has only one other film credit to his name, ‘True Adolescents’, that came out in 2009. The ‘Twins’ screenplay was co-written with Mark Heyman, who was the screenwriter of recent notable films ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘Black Swan’. The emotional baggage and familial detachment that occurred in ‘The Wrestler’ are the main topics of ‘The Skeleton Twins’. ‘The Skeleton Twins’ is about two almost middle-aged siblings Milo (Hader), and Maggie (Wiig), who begin the film each attempting to commit suicide. Estranged, the siblings haven’t spoken to each other for a decade, but… Keep Reading

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Husky Kickoff BBQ welcomes freshmen to campus

Beautiful weather was embraced at the Husky Kickoff BBQ in the Atwood Mall this Saturday. Free burgers, brats, and other foods were served to SCSU students as they sat outside and watched singer/songwriter Jason LeVasseur perform acoustic songs and set the mood for a cloudless September day. The event was organized by the University Program Board. Music and variety coordinator Daniela Blanton said this event was held to welcome freshmen to campus. Blanton said the music and variety committee worked in conjunction with the Husky Kickoff committee to put on the barbecue. “We’re here to enjoy ourselves while we’re young,” Blanton said in regards to the free campus events that UPB organizes. Freshman Dana Netteberg attended the barbecue and said she likes going to campus events because most of them are free to attend, there’s free food, and she likes meeting new people. The music and variety committee are responsible… Keep Reading

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Comedy duo Frangela tears up Ritsche Auditorium

“This is America” was a phrase repeatedly uttered by comedy duo Frangela during their show in Ritsche Auditorium this Friday night, organized by University Program Board. Laughs were had as the duo skewered friend and roommate archetypes, talked about their love of horror films, explained the concept of “theoretical vegetarianism”, and gave advice to SCSU students. Frangela is a Los Angeles-based duo of Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, both of The Second City comedy troupe. They’ve appeared on the VH1 show ‘Best Week Ever’, the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’, ‘Hannah Montana’, and many other television shows and movies collectively. Around two hundred students watched Frangela make commentary on relatable topics such as odd given names, laziness, horror movies, friendships, and varied highs and lows of college life. The duo repeated several phrases in their show, telling stories that… Keep Reading

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Laughs abound for SCSU production of ‘Potter’ musical

‘A Very Potter Musical’ was an amateur and unofficial production about Harry Potter that was created in 2009 and put on YouTube by a group of University of Michigan students who have parodied other works of pop culture like ‘The Hobbit’ and Batman. They wanted to put their own spin on something they loved. Five years later, the SCSU Theatre department has recreated this production, adding a personal twist to it, in ‘Almost A Very Potter Musical’. For years I have been a fan of Team Starkid, the theatre company that created ‘A Very Potter Musical’. The show is responsible for Team Starkid’s explosion in popularity, and is the origin of popular ‘Glee’ actor Darren Criss. ‘A Very Potter Musical’ also spawned two sequels, and several more theatre productions, shows, and even concert tours, all from Team Starkid. I’ve watched the very lengthy, almost three hour-long play countless times. I… Keep Reading

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SCSU earns nod in Forbes, Money

SCSU has been ranked in two national magazines in terms of value and affordability. Forbes magazine ranked SCSU as 556th out of 2,870 four-year colleges in the U.S. Money magazine gave SCSU a ranking of 257th. Money magazine’s ranking placed SCSU in the elite 9 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities, based on quality of education, affordability, and outcomes. Forbes’ ranking placed SCSU in the elite 23 percent of colleges and universities based on student satisfaction, post-graduate success, student debt, graduation rate and academic success. John E. Brown, a staff member in Admissions described a subset in the Forbes ranking for affordability, and said there were only 20 schools ranked ahead of SCSU for affordability. Brown said SCSU is in the top 3 percent for affordability, a rise from being in the top 4 percent last year. Among all Minnesota schools, SCSU ranked third for affordability. The top two… Keep Reading

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