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“Birds of America” is displayed in Miller Center

The library in the Miller Center hosted the reveal of a new installation last Thursday that pays homage to American ornithologist and painter, John James Audubon, and his renowned work, “The Birds of America”. The installation is placed in the Library’s first floor west wing reading court and includes No. 100 of 250 facsimiles in the world of “The Birds of America”, a display of some preserved American birds that can be found in Minn., and a drawing station where visitors can try their hand at drawing the birds of America. The four-volume facsimile, which is an exact replica of the original, contains 435 prints total. It was purchased by SCSU in the 1970’s for $7,000. According to Tom Steman, university archivist, a copy of the original set would be valued today at around $10 million. The volumes on display are the actual size of the original prints, which are… Keep Reading

Chilean art show impresses

An international art collaboration reached fruition last Wednesday with the launch of a new exhibition in the Kiehle Gallery. Students and faculty gathered to witness the unveiling of an exhibit showcasing the work of art students and faculty from the University of Concepción in Concepción, Chile, as well as a second mobile exhibit created by SCSU students in conjunction with Chilean artists. The exhibits explore the concept of art as being mobile and accessible to a diverse, public audience. The first of the exhibits is called Local vs. Foraneo, or Local vs. Foreign. The pieces in this collection were produced by students and professors from the University of Concepcion and curated by Chilean artist team Leslie Fernandez and Oscar Concha. In keeping with the theme of transportable art, all of the pieces in the Local vs. Foraneo collection can fold up and fit inside on carry-on suitcase. SCSU and the… Keep Reading

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Mass Comm. department change

The Mass Communications department has hired a new department chair, Professor Dale Zacher.  Zacher will be replacing Mark Mills, who decided to step down from his position as chair after serving seven years so he could focus all his time on being in the classroom. When commenting on his replacement, Mills stated, “Our new chair, Dale Zacher, is excellent. He knows mass media inside and out and is a genuinely nice person. He also has professional experience in broadcast and multimedia journalism and in politics, which will make him a great asset to the department and to our student media.” Zacher said that despite being an external hire, his varied experience has given him confidence to be able to adapt quickly to the new environment. He expressed excitement at being able to work within a mass communications department with such advanced broadcast technologies and experiential opportunities for all mass communications… Keep Reading

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Starbucks arrives at SCSU

Coffee lovers rejoice as two new Starbucks have been opened on the SCSU campus. While students happily line up to grab their specialty coffees, there are multiple questions arising around the arrival of this popular chain at SCSU. International brands, like Starbucks, want to have themselves represented on university campuses. The student body on campuses like SCSU can guarantee the franchise business, but it can also prove to be challenging, as they would have to operate on the school’s individual schedule. When the school closes, so must they. For smaller businesses, having a presence on a college campus can be beneficial, as it brings awareness of their brand to a large concentrated audience. Starbucks is a well-known international brand with branches in the U.S., Canada and Europe. With the arrival of another large coffee chain on campus, the question of concern seems to be why the school has chosen to… Keep Reading

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Six Appeal performs the hits at the Atwood ballroom

September 24 was an exciting night for music on campus at SCSU with the performance of the award winning vocal group, Six Appeal. This group is a world-class ensemble based out of Minneapolis, Minn. that formed in 2006. The members of Six Appeal include high tenor, Jordan Roll, tenor Michael Brookens, low tenor Trey Jones, baritone Nathan Kickey, bass Reuben Hushagen, and vocal percussionist Andrew Berkowitz. With an extensive fan base throughout the Midwest, Six Appeal has not only entranced the a cappella world, but also the students attending the show Wednesday night. There were a variety of songs sung at the show. Crowd favorites included, “I Will Survive,” “Low Rider,” and “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. They even included a few original songs created by group members that can be found on their CD. As mentioned, Six Appeal is an a cappella group, meaning they produce their… Keep Reading

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Operation Beautiful raises self-esteem

Have you ever stumbled across a post-it note with encouraging words written on it? It could be a random act of kindness, but likely it is part of an organization called Operation Beautiful. Their mission objective is to eliminate self-negative thoughts and convey a positive outlook, often about body image. Operation Beautiful has been featured on shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Network and the Today Show. St. Cloud State students had the opportunity to hear from founder and speaker Caitlin Boyle on Sept. 25 in the Atwood Ballroom. Boyle is a blogger, author, and motivational speaker. She described how Operation Beautiful developed when she was at a rough point in her life. She disliked her job, was attending full time night classes, and was unsure of what she wanted to do in life. She said she felt overloaded and unhappy. After a particularly discouraging night, she looked at herself… Keep Reading

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Strides Against Breast Cancer walk

On Oct. 18, SCSU hosted the annual, ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ fundraising walk this weekend. This event gathered a wide variety of people including students, alumni, community members, and sponsors. Participants had the option to walk a one to three mile route in order to raise money for breast cancer research. There was an estimated 200 people in attendance for the event, along with vendors and various student organizations that set up booths in the field house. Groups such as PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and Campus Recreation were there helping students get motivated for the event. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign that increases awareness of the disease. National public service organizations, medical associations and government agencies aid in raising awareness for the disease by wearing the color pink this month. Beyond the awareness, the campaign included tips and resources on… Keep Reading

The first Minnesota water trails summit focuses on paddle sports economic value

St. Cloud hosted the first Minnesota Water Trails Tourism Summit at the River’s Edge Convention Center. The two-day summit started Sept. 29, with paddlers getting ready for the ‘Experiential Day,’ which included paddling on the Mississippi River, then on Tuesday the summit offered ‘break out sessions’, and speakers for attendees to learn about the economic benefits of paddle sports. “What this is attempting to do is to engage communities, conventional visitors and bureaus on how to promote the water trail resources in their communities and to help them develop economically…really, it’s to help push what is the best water trail system in the [United] States and to get it used more widely,” Alexander Watson, a DNR regional naturalist, said. The second day of the summit started with breakfast, followed by keynote speaker, Natalie Warren, founder of Wild River Academy—a non-profit organization aimed to engage and educate students in communities about… Keep Reading

Local Sports/News/SCSU News

Students and staff help to clean up the Mississippi

Five hundred and thirty pounds of garbage was collected from the Mississippi River Cleanup on Saturday. Volunteers gathered in the Outdoor Endeavors office around 9 a.m. to sign-in, followed by breakfast. As more volunteers showed up and time drew closer to 9 a.m., student-leaders began distributing gloves and yellow bags from the DNR Adopt-a-River Program’s ‘How-to’ kit. Just after 9 a.m., groups were sent to the one of the five divided sections of campus to begin the cleanup. Volunteers weaved in and out of the wooded areas to retrieve garbage from the steep banks. Garbage, including plastic bags and bottles, glass and a 75-pound metal pipe, found its way to the river’s edge where it stayed until that morning. Micah Most, a computer science major at SCSU, said that his desire to help came “after hearing the statistics about how much garbage ends up in the Mississippi River per year.”… Keep Reading

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