Opinion: Culture Nights educate and inspire students

Culture is the way of life of a group of people. It affects how they behave, dress, eat, and is one of the most powerful determinants of how a person lives their life.

America has it’s culture and way of life, and so does every other country in the world. Cultures are unique and different and seem strange to outsiders not familiar with it.

Cultural Nights are when a particular cultural organization showcases their dances, food, clothing, and whatever makes them unique onstage at SCSU.

It’s a good insight. It’s entertaining and even strange sometimes, but all in all, it is fun to see how ways of life of are so unique and different.

There are so many cultural groups on campus. There are students from over 80 nations, according to SCSU’s international admissions page.

The world is a big place, and it is hard to know every country and every continent. Some Americans dream of traveling all over the world for adventure. Others may be comfortable with their lives and may not need an adventure. In reality, traveling to another country is very expensive and stressful, especially if you have never left your country. It can be tough to get used to a new culture and language.

What is the aim of the cultural night? It is to educate and entertain you without you having to travel across the world.

It is less stressful than taking a flight to China or Mexico, or any other country.

SCSU has had a number of Cultural Nights in the past. One night of learning all about another country can be both overwhelming and interesting.

Examples of Cultural Nights at SCSU are China and African Nights. China Night was an amazing experience.

There was a lot of cultural display, food, educational quizzes and a lot of entertainment. The goal was to create cultural awareness and better understanding for everyone involved. The quizzes were meant to test the crowd’s knowledge about issues that pertained to China, and since some people had little knowledge about China, there were a lot of wrong answers.

What was important were not the answers but the opportunity to learn. African Night was one of a kind. It was full of beautifully dressed people all looking glorious in their cultural attire.

It started with amazing African food, which was spicy.

There were presentations, dances and amazing speeches by a professor and a guest speaker. It was extremely loud and the room was vibrating.

It is a privilege to have people who take time to show others what their culture is about. It is important to have nights like this, because they teach a lot about the outside culture and it even encourages tourism, since people would be inspired to visit these countries to see more about them.


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