OPAA Jam masquerade raises funds for HIV/AIDS victims

As the lights dimmed, the masks were put on. OPAA Jam presented a masquerade party in the Atwood Memorial Quarry Thursday night at 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. OPAA is an organization for the prevention of AIDS in Africa. OPAA is also a multicultural program who’s mission is to educate and create awareness about HIV and AIDS at SCSU.

OPAA has been fundraising since 2001 and donated $42,000 to more than 10 different countries in Africa. Helmie Teketay is the current president of OPAA. Each ticket was $3 for a single person and $5 for each couple. All the funds that were being collected at the masquerade party will be a donation towards a good cause.

“All the money that is being raised is going to Kenya to help with the HIV/ AIDS prevention,” said Barkot Berhanu, a former OPPA member.

The rates of HIV/ AIDS is rising in Africa, largely due to the lack of health supplies, sexual education and a high prevalence of sex crimes in many different parts of Africa.

With good music playing and creative masquerade masks, OPAA managed to put together an entertaining night, while also drawing support for its cause of supporting the victims of AIDS.

“Can’t wait for next year’s Jam. I support this organization 100 percent,” said Berhanu.

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