Are the number of sexual assaults increasing at SCSU?

Public Safety releases an annual fire and safety report disclosing campus incidents. The report covers the past three years and shows on-campus incidences of campus-related security issues, including sexual assault/rape, fire, and manslaughter. Sexual assault incidents have risen on the St. Cloud State University campus over the past year. On Oct. 29, a woman was reportedly sexually assaulted on the SCSU campus in a residence hall by a male she met off campus. This is just one incident that has come to light in the past year. According to the report released by Public Safety, rape has gone up from 2 incidents reported in 2014 to 14 incidents reported in 2015. The University Chronicle decided to take a survey to look at what percentage of students have been sexually assaulted, where it happens, and how it affects students.


According to the survey, about 79 percent of students say they have not been sexually assaulted on campus, in comparison to the 21 percent of students who say they have. According to the National Sexual Assault Resource Center, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime.


The data above shows that about 53 percent of students at SCSU know of someone who has been sexually assaulted on campus.


Students who took the survey said that a large percentage of sexual assaults they were aware of happened in a dorm room, apartment, or various other places around St. Cloud.


For the people who were sexually assaulted, the data shows that 45 percent said they were sexually assaulted by a friend, 23 percent said they were assaulted by a stranger, and 18 percent said they were assaulted by an athlete.


Of those who took the survey who said they were sexually assaulted, about 78 percent said they did not report it, while a dismal 22 percent said they did. Many victims of sexual assault or rape don’t come forward right away because of the trauma and backlash that comes along with it, according to Time magazine.


A large number of students who were sexually assaulted said that their assaulter was not punished by the university, while a smaller percentage said they were.


A final look at the data shows that around 59 percent of students don’t believe the University does enough to help victims of sexual assault, while only 41 percent said the University does provide enough services for sexual assault.

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