Not so excited about the movie ‘I’m so excited’

Spanish movie “I’m so Excited” is a comedy that uses crude jokes and inappropriate scenes to try and stun the viewers into thinking it is a good movie. There are a few truly funny pieces in this film, but overall it barely gets by as a movie because of the cheap humor.

As we start this movie, we see the runway crew having accidents and making an overall mess of the place. We start on a plane, where the drama and drinking is what keeps this film going. It is no surprise when later the captain says that there is a problem with the landing gear. The captain, co-pilot and the three gay flight attendants try to drink their problems away after they drug the economy class to put them to sleep. They are so over the top on the drinking this may as well be an advertisement for the local liquor store. Bottles of alcohol stowed in every nook and cranny of the plane. And while this was funny for the first half hour of the movie, it gets old quickly.

The business class is full of ne’er-do-wells. Throughout the film we meet the dominatrix, the corrupt businessman, a woman who proclaims she can smell death, and an actor who by far is the most normal. And a newlywed couple, the wife, who instead of sleepwalking has sleepsex. And we also meet a hit man who is tasked with killing the dominatrix. The drama of the flight attendants spills over as one continues an affair with the pilot, another blows off the co-pilot who keeps protesting that he is not gay, and the third attendant who prays for them all while ogling the newlywed’s husband.

In turn they tell how they ended up on the plane and make phone calls to their loved ones, which can be heard by the entire plane. The dominatrix calls her assistant to try and get protection, because she thinks this is an assassination attempt on her life. The actor’s story comes most into play when he calls a spurned lover and one of his other lovers picks up the phone after the first drops it from a bridge she was about to jump from. We see the first lover being carted off to the hospital as the second gathers the actor’s suitcase and brings it to him at the end of the movie.

This film turns into a full out sex plane orgy when the attendants drug them with pills in their drinks. Not even the economy class who were sleeping were left out of the debauchery. Thankfully the movie came to an end when they found a field to land in and all the passengers left. The actor’s second lover gave him the suitcase. The hitman and dominatrix leave to start over together, and the pilot finds out his wife is also having an affair and knows about his own affair.

From start to end the movie had no real drive or motivation except to make as many innuendos and crude jokes as possible. The acting was superb. The flight attendants were especially good, with their flamboyant acting and posing. There were a few good points in this film: the acting, the filming and the credits.

If you are bored watch something else. Pedro Almodóvar is the writer and director of this film. He has written many wonderful movies. This is not one of them. I repeat, even for people who like crude movies, stay away.

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