New technology supports co-curricular, experiental learning in the Herberger Business School

Preparing for success in a world of work. T hat’s what Interim Dean Walter Roettger said is a goal for students in the Herberger Business School. Roettger described recent developments that the Herberger Business School has made in the past year, and gave a glimpse at what is soon to come.

Roettger said that curricular and co-curricular learning is currently moving ahead. This fall marks the opening a brand new selling lab for the business school. With support from Northwest Mutual, who made it possible to equip the lab, Roettger said this “industry standard” lab will give students the chance to practice their sales pitches in front of others, including fellow students and panels of employers. Roettger said this lab will give students a chance to hone their selling skills, while cameras will film them and display to students across the hall, or across the school, Roettger said. Instructors will also be able to watch their students from a one-way pane of glass. Roettger said as the students get better with their pitches, their student partner will be swapped with a professional. Roettger said the lab, which he said is on the “garden level” of Centennial Hall, will become fully operable this fall.

“This is the kind of experiential learning that the school is known for,” Roettger said about the selling lab. Roettger said that he also looks forward to expanding the school’s internship program and international study program.

Another new opportunity for business school students to interact with each other will come this fall. Roettger said a floor of Shoemaker Hall will serve as a learning community for business school students. The community is funded from a provost action grant and Roettger said this will have students “move more readily through the curriculum.”

More advancements for the business school shall commence as part of the school’s five-year plan that was finished last November.

Roettger said the school shall review the undergraduate core program, “to make sure it meets the expectations of employers and measures up with the external benchmarks and expectations of the accreditor,” Roettger said.

A new MBA program shall be presented this school year, which will be shorter but will now include a semester-long capstone project. A new website for the graduate school will also be launched.

New developments like the graduate school’s website are an example of “opportunities to enhance our visibility, and communicate with current and prospective students more effectively,” Roettger said.

There will be 8 new faculty in the school this fall, and a shift around some of the positions filled at the school.

Roettger, who was appointed as interim dean on June 23, expects to fill the position until January of 2015. Before coming to SCSU, Roettger was interim dean of the School of Business at the State University of New York at Geneseo. Roettger was also previously the chief academic officer at three other universities. Roettger was the president of Lyon College, Batesville, Ark. from 1998 to 2009.

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