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NCHC TV re-introduced as streaming service for most games

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Following the streaming path being blazed by sports media outlets across the country, the NCHC has re-introduced and revamped the smartphone application, NCHC TV. The program also has the capability to stream all NCHC games live to computers, Roku’s, and Apple TVs.

There are multiple different price points offered to acquire the service. For all access to all NCHC games over the course of the year, the price is $109.95, plus tax. There are also an array of other options available, including a $26.95 monthly pass as well as cheaper team-specific packages. These packages also include all locked content on the NCHC website.

Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, NCHC TV will upload post-game press conferences, pre-game interviews, in addition to other behind the scenes content. This will all be watchable on demand, on the website or on the app. The app is also an effective way to view highlights and condensed games if you missed the full game, or do not have time to watch a full replay.

One major point of criticism for streaming entities has been their use of blackout restrictions. Every game broadcast on CBS Sports Network is going to be unwatchable on any NCHC TV platform. The NCHC website states that other games televised nationally, “may also be subject to restrictions.”

The season kicks off this weekend with an array of contests, including the Ice Breaker Tournament held in Duluth. The app will surely be tested out by many folks, and feedback will soon be heard. For now, it looks as if the NCHC has provided a hockey-watching experience they haven’t come close to in the past. It will remain to be seen how the app will perform, but hopes are high.




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