The Nasty Woman Trumps Hate

Not everyone shares the same outlook in voting for the first female President of the United States. But on Tuesday, November 8, it was one for the history books – one that many women were proud to be alive for and witness.

“This nasty woman went to the polls today and cried when she saw a group of civic-minded young people excitedly voting for the first time,” Social Media Manager for E! Entertainment, Nicole Mojan said on voting day.

“She cried when she heard the older abuela behind her say this was her first time ever voting too. She cried after casting her vote, grateful for all the sacrifices it took not only to have the right to vote as a woman, but the opportunity to vote FOR a woman,” Mojan said.

This was similar to thousands of other women who took to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sharing their proud moments of voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

Cheryl Howland from Minneapolis joined fellow friends across the nation as she wore her favorite “pantsuit” representing Clinton during the historic day.

“It was emotional. Vote. It is important.” Howland said.

The “secret society” on Facebook for Clinton supporters, which Hillary commented about during her concession speech, known as ‘Pantsuit Nation’ has now climbed to almost four million members. An over one million increase from election night.

Hundreds of members of Pantsuit Nation post about everything from positive happenings to hurtful occurrences in their daily lives and thousands of people comment on the posts to encourage support and love for those members.

Naomi Gould, an Associate Scientist at Johnson & Johnson posted, “Just got hitched! And am proud that we are starting an interracial Jewish family! Love trumps hate! We are honeymooning in a Clinton state for sure! Thank you to this page it has given me some strength through the past few weeks! Stay strong my nasty women!”.

Along with Pantsuit Nation being a safe space to communicate with others, it is a place where members can organize events and reach out in their communities to like-minded individuals.

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Jessie Wade

Jessie was the Editor-in-Chief of the University Chronicle during the 2017-2018 academic year. She graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Geography, and a minor in British Studies. Jessie's social media channels are a mix of film and video game goodness, along with gender equality and inspiration vibes. Follow her on twitter @jessieannwade to connect.

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