Why Mueller’s investigation must continue

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In recent days, several Republicans in the House and Senate have come forward and said that special counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation should be cut off because of the lack of indictments, political hit jobs, and secret nature of things. Democrats, on the other hand, want to protect Mueller.

Let’s take these on point-by-point. The first indictments are coming down on Monday, including Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. This is not a political hit job; this is an effort to make certain that the President and his top advisers did not engage in collusion with Moscow. If they did, then they should be tried and convicted. Thirdly, this isn’t secret. The ongoing investigations are being reported on, even if all the facts aren’t released yet. Any defendants will be tried openly through the legal process.

It should also be noted that when Kenneth Starr investigated President Clinton, Democrats were calling for his removal and Republicans were defending him. It’s simple politics. The President’s allies are trying to defend him and score cheap political points. On Capitol Hill, there’s a large bipartisan consensus that Russia has meddled in our election.

The special counselor position is arguably the most important position that is not a normal part of the Federal Government. The only charge of the special counselor’s office is to investigate the Executive Branch for wrongdoing when asked to by the Attorney General. In this case, because Jeff Sessions recused himself, the overseeing of the special counselor falls to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Mueller must be protected from President Trump and his political allies. Accountability is a necessity for our Republic. For events and actions that may have undermined the laws of the land, especially when it comes to elections and the political process, this accountability is even more necessary.

Even though we may have different thoughts on the President, I think we all love our country. It is out of this great love for these United States that I want the Executive Branch to be held accountable, no matter who resides in it. Thomas Paine, nicknamed the “Forgotten Founder,” wrote during the Revolution “Oh! Ye that loves mankind! Ye that dares oppose, not only tyranny but the tyrant, stand forth!” How fitting those words are today.

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