‘What Tyrants’ head to NYC

Sean Schultz, Kyle Schultz and Garrison Grouse are the three masterminds behind the garage pop band ‘What Tyrants.’ Sean and Kyle started playing music together as children, and Garrison was added into the picture after Kyle met him through another local band.

Kyle explained how all he had to do was give his brother a certain look and they were both in agreement that Garrison would be the perfect man to recruit to start making the vibe they wanted to create.

Together, the three of them have a great flow but individually they each have their own perception of the band’s vibe.

Garrison relates the sound to the energy that the audience gives to the band and vice versa. He explained that one of the things he loves most is to go on stage and release any tension that has been building up.

On the other hand, Sean and Kyle relate the sound of the band back to the hits of the 70s and 80s.

“So many bands are considered a throwback band, but we combined the older sounds with our modern sound to make a pure form of the garage band pop aesthetic. For me, it goes beyond any emotion or physical being,” Kyle said.

What got them to the point of being able to get to preform at such a venue is their composition?

When Kyle talked about his inspiration to writing his songs, “introverted” was the first word that came to mind.

“I write about super weird worries, my life in general and a lot of politics, especially with the election coming up,” Kyle said.

When he was writing the song “No Luck,” Kyle described how he was laying in bed after watching a documentary about college protests thinking to himself, what is going on in the world?

Otherwise he starts with the concept of, “what do I know” and elaborates on that train of thought.

What Tyrants is going to be a featured artist at the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon held in New York City. This event is held every October across many different venues throughout Manhattan, which host a variety of upcoming top chart artists.

What Tyrants will be preforming at Niagara on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Not only will they rocking on stage , but some of their goals are to find the Pizza Rat, which was a viral video of a rat holding onto a piece of pizza twice its size down into the subway station, sleep in a park and maybe hit up a tourist attraction or two if there is time left over.

But, as a whole the guys are just looking to get as much of New York City in as they can. You can check out their latest album “No Luck” on their bandcamp website.

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