Monday Night Live: Demolition Means Progress

Michele Harris on lead guitar during performance on Monday Night Live. Photo by Grace Bugbee
Michele Harris on lead guitar during performance on Monday Night Live. Photo by Grace Bugbee

Demolition Means Progress has a very unique sound for themselves – they call their noise “jangle pop” which makes sense with the emphasis that they put into guitars. Jangle pop is known for it’s acoustic sounds with guitars and the feel of pop songs from the 1960’s era.

With that said, they each have the fun and outgoing attitude of little kids in a candy store when they got into the studio.

This past Friday, Demolition Means Progress released their second album, “Love Songs for Saboteurs”. The album covers the balance between life and work, with the double sided disk having side A dedicated to songs about life and side B featuring songs about work experience. Because there are 11 songs on the album, it turns out that life took over, but if you look a little harder, the length of each side is right about the same. Demolition Means Progress typically writes about things they know and have experience on based on their own lives. For example, the name of the group itself was created by BJ Bonin, one of the lead guitarists.

“I saw it watching a PBS documentary on Detroit. How they were tearing down all of these factories and all of the demolition sites had these signs that said, “Demolition Means Progress”.

Before they were known as Demolition Means Progress, two of the group members were known by a different title. That quickly went south when five other bands across the country had the same name.

Since then, Michelle, another guitarist, has been the most recent addition to the group and the men love hearing her creative ideas on how to change the sound and all over feel of the band.

“Since Michelle joined, we have sounded a lot more like we had always hoped to sound.” What she is able to add with her vocals just added to the sound this group had been striving for all these years.

When the name Demolition Means Progress came up, Michelle brought up the concept that more modern ideals are focusing on; “Stop tearing good things down, it doesn’t always mean progress.” So there might be some irony involved behind this name. Later, she also stated, “But in live, with relationships, sometimes things just need to blow up for you to move forward: Demolition Means Progress.”

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