MnSCU: Chancellor Rosenstone retires July 2017

Photo courtesy of MnSCU.
Photo courtesy of MnSCU.

Steven Rosenstone, chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), said he will retire July 31, 2017.

During his time as chancellor, Rosenstone worked on a number of projects and initiatives to help move the MnSCU system toward more collaboration and opportunity for students, faculty and staff.

MnSCU reported that Rosenstone played a role in increasing diversity across campuses, listing that the system includes 62,800 students of color and students who are Native American, along with 50,000 first-generation students, 92,000 low-income students, 95,000 students who are 25 years old or older, and over 10,000 veterans and service members.

He also partnered with the Minnesota Department of Education, opening more routes to higher education through the expansion of PSEO, the advocacy for targeted interventions for college readiness, while also keeping the cost of higher education down, implementing tuition freezes, and launching a $39 million scholarship campaign to increase scholarship availability to students, MnSCU reported.

Rosenstone said in a press release, “Of the accomplishments I am most proud of, nothing exceeds the pride I take in the extraordinary team of leaders I helped recruit to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the team we built.”

He recruited 21 of the 30 current MnSCU presidents. The recruited presidents reflect Rosenstone’s diversity commitment, the release stated, being that nearly one-third are from communities of color and almost half are women.

“I have every confidence that they will continue the critical work we have begun together,” he said. “Minnesota is extremely fortunate to have these dedicated individuals leading our state colleges and universities.”

Others with MnSCU, including Board of Trustees Chair Michael Vekich, and Trustee and Chair of the Academic and Student Affairs committee Alex Cirillo, commended Rosenstone on his leadership and focus on the future.

Cirillo was quoted in the release saying, “He has been an indefatigable teller of the MnSCU story, highlighting how our faculty and staff change lives. His vision for our future should remain in our sights as we go forward.”

Before entering his position as chancellor, Rosenstone was the vice president of Scholarly and Cultural Affairs at the University of Minnesota since 2007.

“Back in 2011 when we were searching for the next chancellor, we wanted someone who would be a courageous, transformational leader,” said Scott Thiss, former chair of the Board of Trustees, in a press release. “We got one in Steven [Rosenstone] and we told him to put his foot on the gas and to keep it there.”

Rosenstone currently sits on a number of boards and councils, including the governor’s Workforce Development Board, the governor’s Diversity and Inclusion Counsel, Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership, Midwest Higher Education Compact (commissioner), the Itasca Project, Minnesota Business Partnership, Greater MSP, Minnesota Compass, Generation Next, and Real-Time Talent.

Rosenstone received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of California-Berkeley, where he also received his master’s degree for the same subject.

In the release, Vekich said, “Chancellor Rosenstone is a visionary leader who understands the staggering complexity and the thousands of moving parts in a large system of higher education like ours.”

“He has led us through the setting of a new strategic direction that has inspired people on every campus to become collaborative leaders,” he said. “ Through it all, he has kept his focus — and the focus of our colleges and universities — on one goal: ensuring access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans.”

MnSCU stated there will be details on Rosenstone’s successor this spring.

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