Minnesotans give their opinion in State Fair poll

Each year, the Minnesota House of Representatives conducts a poll at the Minnesota State Fair. The poll features issues from the previous legislative session that may be points of discussion for the upcoming legislative year.

The poll was conducted among 6,338 fairgoers and administrated by various House representatives. Although the poll is informal and unscientific, it offers a insight into to the concerns and opinions of Minnesotans. Issues ranged from Gov. Mark Dayton’s contested proposal to publicly fund preschool, that was turned down in the last year, to the legalization of bottle rockets.

The topics fluctuated from issues heavily debated in the national spotlight, such as police wearing body cameras; minimum wage and government surveillance; education and social security, down to home issues like aquatic hitchhikers.

On the topic of education, 59.7 percent of fairgoers came out in support of publicly funded preschool. And, 81.1 percent felt that parents should be required to consult a physician if they choose to have their child to opted-out of school vaccines. And 73.4 percent felt that age should not be a primary factor when determining laying off teachers.

As far of issues being debated in the national spotlight, 73.2 percent felt that the legislature should amend the state constitution to protect from the unreasonable search and seizure of communication data, such as text messages and emails. Also, 70.1 percent felt that the state should offer financial assistance to help local law enforcement agencies purchase police officer body cameras. And 54.4 percent felt tips should not be a factor when determining a worker’s hourly wage.

Finally, fairgoers were split when it came to the statewide ban on bottle rockets and firecrackers with 48.3 percent supporting legalization, 41.4 percent supporting the ban, leaving just 10.3 percent undecided.

View the poll results here.

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