Minnesota natives Cloud Cult and Little Fevers perform on SCSU campus in wake of Crossroads Mall attack

Local favorite Cloud Cult played a concert with opening band Little Fevers on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 24 in the Ritsche Auditorium of Stewart Hall on the campus of St. Cloud State University for KVSC’s Live and Local event.

The bands, both hailing from Minnesota, greeted fans and new listeners of all ages with their indie, pop-rock sounds and energizing, positive ambiance.

Both bands reminded the crowd of the importance of sticking together and staying hopeful after the attack that took place at Crossroads Mall.

“This town has been hit hard. There is something to be said about the fear that one person can create. There is more to be said about the beauty that the community can create after something like this happens,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult.

Before Little Fevers began, emcee Jay Terry, the artistic director of Pioneer Place Theater, welcomed Mayor Dave Kleis onto the stage for a word before the performance.

Mayor Kleis emphasized the importance of community building after the Crossroads Mall attacks. He took the opportunity to remind all of the concert attendees that the St. Cloud Community Garden is one important aspect of community building that St. Cloud has to offer.

Shortly after the mayor’s speech, Eamonn McLain, the bassist from Little Fevers, decided to poke a little fun at the Mayor Kleis.

“I think the mayor blew out my wedge,” McLain said as the monitors buzzed.

The lead vocalist and guitarist from Little Fevers, Lucy Michelle, announced that this was the last show for the band until her baby is born. She was sporting quite the baby bump, causing her to hold her guitar off to the side while she was playing.

Keeping the good humor, McLain once again joked, “If you listen really closely, you can hear the baby kick the guitar.”

After Little Fevers, Cloud Cult, whose music is very theatrical, was greeted by fans promptly rushing the stage as they began to play. The crowd swayed and danced as all eight members of the band performed.

Two of those members, as is a staple for Cloud Cult shows, painted pictures on spinning canvases during the set.

To top off all of the excitement from the show, a fan named Nick had asked the band before the show if he could take the opportunity to propose to his now-fiancé Christine during Cloud Cult’s performance. She happily said yes as Nick shot the crowd a thumbs up.

Between the sets, Terry welcomed Dr. Tracy Ore, the sociology professor who runs the St. Cloud Community Garden, and a speaker regarding the SCSU Common Reading Program, as well.

Terry also prompted a member from the audience, Avery, to take part in a game of trivia to guess whether the words he was announcing were dog breeds or names of sausages. Avery won $25 towards charity with her answers.

After the attack at the Crossroads Mall, it was refreshing to see the community coming together for the concert and belting out the lyrics to Cloud Cult songs along with Minowa.

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