Michon Weeks shares her abstract art

When you think of abstract art, artists like Pablo Picasso and Franz Kline are probably the first ones to come to mind, but for the students at Khiele Art Center, they had the opportunity to witness the abstract dot drawings of Michon Weeks, an art professor at St. Olaf college, who decided to bring her gallery to campus to share with aspiring art students.

“A lot of these drawings I have had for a really long time and I wanted to share them with others. I do a lot of connecting the dots to make a photo of either some musical instruments I used to play, or a bridge I came by while I was driving through Bloomington Indiana.” Weeks said of her drawings she had on display

While there were plenty of drawings and designs to witness, each one had its own story to tell. “A lot of the work that I do is a way for me to understand abstract concepts in the world and break it down in a way for me to understand it, I hope a lot of people get that about my art as well.”

The pieces consisted of various things she has come across while driving throughout different parts of the country, such as billboards or water towers. Other drawings are just random objects of things Weeks finds around her house, like musical instruments.

While Weeks is proud of her work, the students were quite impressed as well. “This is something you don’t normally see everyday, not many artists create pictures using dot formations” said Amanda Bodden, a graphic design major at SCSU.

According to Weeks, the art displayed in the gallery, is only about one tenth of what she has back home. “Drawing has been my passion since I was young, I love to do it and I’m always finding new ways to put my artwork into perspective” Weeks said.

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