MAZE: Not your ordinary magic show

This last Wednesday at Richie Auditorium, St. Cloud State University’s Cru, the Christian fellowship organization, had brought to campus the mind-boggling illusion show, MAZE. For anyone who did not get the chance to see it, truly you missed out, for it was one of the most amusing, confusing, and inspiring shows that I have seen in a while. Not only does the founder and illusionist himself, Jim Monroe, never fail to surprise the audience with his tricks, but he also reveals an underlying lesson of life and its purpose.

For those who still wish to see the show in the future, I will refrain from any spoilers of the performance so you can see it for yourself.

I will say that Monroe has a never-ending set of tricks up his sleeve, and doesn’t fail to surprise the audience with something new and creative during his entire production. His humor and captivating personality kept the audience’s eyes glued to the stage, anticipating what he was going to do next. However, in the mist of all the magic that is brought right in front of our eyes, a deeper meaning can be found in this jam-packed show.

MAZE, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a confusing intricate network of passages. Monroe uses this subject as the basis of his show, comparing life as a maze, not only to entertain but to also teach a valuable lesson.

As human beings, we run into many challenges in our lifetime, some of which are minute, but others that make us feel exactly like we are trapped and at that dead end, as if we would be stuck forever. Monroe points out that sometimes the one way people think to get out of the maze or be successful in life is to obtain certain goals in order to get there.

He later shares his story of hardship and how he was unable to seek these types of goals to reach what he deemed being “successful” was. That is when Monroe started looking for an answer that was beyond himself. That is when Monroe points out that the one thing that helped him out of his dead-end was religion, and connected everything to his faith.

For anyone who is looking for an outstanding performance, and a new perspective on life and your own purpose, I would strongly encourage you to catch the show at a venue near you or on the St. Cloud State University campus next year. MAZE is such a powerful performance that as an audience member myself, it has impacted me in a way that I will never forget.  Even if your religious values or beliefs do not match those of Monroe’s, it is still worth attending for you leave seeing life from a different point of view.

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Bethanie Barrios

Bethanie is a junior at St. Cloud State and is a mathematics education major with minors in mass communications and special education. This year, she is the Managing Editor for the University Chronicle, a director for in house productions at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center and a math tutor. She enjoys writing, rock concerts, and serving her community and fellow students.

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