Mass communications alumni share life experiences out of college

It is always nice to see some friendly faces, especially when it is SCSU alums coming to give advice to current students. On Wednesday, Sept. 26, alumni Piper Shaw and Jacob Heun came to talk to current Mass Communications students about finding the right job for them after college. They also shared some stories about their life in front of and behind the camera.

During their talk, Shaw was going through a PowerPoint titled: “Job Hunting 101.” She went through many tips and tricks about the television broadcast industry and how to find the best-suited job for each person. She told everyone her personal experiences in broadcast journalism, like shooting live shots, driving around the city to get footage for news packages and much more.

Shaw is a Multi-Media Journalist, also known as an MMJ. In a workday, she finds a story to make into a reporter package, gets the interviews done, footage shot and edited to have it aired for the newscast that same night. She said that it differs from a production job not just because she is on-air, but because she must write and prepare stories.

“The experience that I got at SCSU, I literally couldn’t get anywhere else,” Shaw said.

She went on to say that she was glad that the curriculum went through all the student organizations and that she was able to get a lot of hands-on experiences before going out into her career. She also went on to say that other reporters who didn’t go to SCSU may have struggled a bit more just because they didn’t have these same opportunities.

During the presentation, Heun interjected to give advice about networking and working in television form his side of the production industry.

Heun is an Engineer at Rush Media Company where he said he, “A: builds [production] trucks, B: Maintains them, and C: Travels to whatever location to engineer the live shows.”

He gets to go to new places he hasn’t been before and meet new people in the industry, which he says is one of his favorite things to do at this job.

Heun had always been interested in cameras and thought of it as a fun hobby saying, “Why not turn a hobby into a career,” which is exactly what he did. He couldn’t express in words how much SCSU and advisor, Derrick Silvestri, helped him prepare for working in this industry saying they “couldn’t have done a better job.”

This event was a way for students to see where they could end up after going to college and how to get the best experience for their future in broadcasting. Having these role models and peers like Shaw and Heun back at SCSU to share their experiences only made these students more excited about their future to come in the broadcast profession.

As for Shaw and Heun, they are both happy at where they are in their profession. Heun states that he has, “already reached (his) goal” with being an engineer and will continue to follow that path. Shaw on the other hand says that they are both young and “still have a lot of life to explore” and is excited to do more television and media projects in the future.

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Summer Welch

Summer Welch is currently in her second year at SCSU studying Mass Communication and Video Production.  She is currently a producer for UTVS news and works with other shows within UTVS.  She enjoys coming up with ideas for possible TV shows, listening to music, and playing games with friends.

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