Madden ’16 offers new style of gameplay

Photo courtesy of EA Sports
Photo courtesy of EA Sports

The Madden franchise is a video game series that is based on the National Football League players and teams. All players are given ratings based on their real-life statistics and physical attributes. There are various game modes that allow you to either play verses the computer or another player, either via the same screen or online.

There are several things that Madden 16 shares with its predecessor: Madden 15. The graphics look very similar in both games. One upgrade that was added this year is the option to download the faces of players so they look exactly like their real life counterparts. Overall the two games have the same game modes, just with upgrades made to the Madden 16 versions of each.

The best game mode is still Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). MUT is an online game mode that is essentially like a type of fantasy football, you collect cards for players, coaches, jerseys, playbooks and stadiums. You get cards by playing the hundreds of solo challenges and from opening card packs. Card packs are given sporadically through solo challenges and through buying them with coins earned from winning solo challenges and beating other players online. Each player card is given a rating and a scheme type. The goal is to create the best overall team to compete with other players.

Probably the best addition to this year’s game is the addition of the game mode “Draft Champions.” It is directly related to MUT in which you can win packs that contain players and other items that can be sold for extra coins. You can play one of either two ways: online against other players or against the computer. How it works is you draft a coach, each with their own playbooks and schemes. You then go through a 15-round draft, trying to create the best team possible.

Franchise mode or “Connected Careers” has also been given a couple updates, making customizing the depth chart faster. There are also some improvements to player scouting and the NFL draft.

Focusing on the actual game play now: the game’s added commentary and graphics will highlight players after each play is completed and give a stat related to the conclusion of the play, like how many yards after contact a running back has or the average yards per attempt for a quarter back.

Madden 16 also adds more touchdown celebrations and player interactions after each play that try to add more realism to the game.

The biggest game play change Madden 16 has; is the way they reinvented the manual catching system in the game. The receiver is now given three options to catch the ball, and there are now three buttons the offense can use to catch the ball: possession, running after the catch and aggressive catch.

Aggressive catch is what the offense is seemingly based off of now, which is both the biggest pro and con of the game depending on the situation. Offenses are a lot more powerful, because aggressive catch is seemingly unstoppable at times.

The receiver will make a spectacular one-handed grab almost every time, leaving the defense vulnerable and the best way to defend that is to get a group of defenders to hit the receiver as he comes down with the ball.

Overall, I would give NFL Madden 16:


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