Looking to get out of your comfort zone? Try a board game!

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College is arguably the best societal once-in-a-lifetime experience, even for graduate students like me. If there’s one thing I have come to understand, it’s that we need to make the most of it, expand horizons, and get out of our comfort zones. For some of you, that may be meeting people.  For others, it could be athletics. For me, it was putting down my Xbox controller and kicking it with some classics. Below, in order, are my top five non-electronic games to play while in college (at least once): 

#5: Monopoly 

Timeless, classic, and a great way to see your friends absolutely lose it. Few games can touch Monopoly’s combination of skill, luck, and spite. If you haven’t played it in ages, take a Saturday or Sunday to remember why it is affectionately nicknamed “The Friendship-Killing Game”.  

#4: Diplomacy 

Diplomacy is one of the toughest games you’ve never heard of. Set in 1900, you play as one of the seven European powers: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Turkey – though you can play with as few as five people. Formulating alliances is key, as taking territory is the only way to get more units, but make sure you don’t fall to the Russo-Turkish juggernaut or the Anglo-French tidal wave, or any other great combinations of allies and enemies. 

#3: Risk 

History and strategy are some of my favorite things to consider, especially when dealing with people. Risk is another fantastic game that pits you against everyone else and forces you to make decisions in real time on reinforcements, threat levels of your enemies, and who you may influence to attack your rivals. Will you conquer the world or see your armies decimated on the battlefield? 

#2: Cribbage 

First things first: I am from Wisconsin and this is one of my go-to card games. As long as you can count to fifteen and thirty-one, you will be fine. Grab a friend that won’t completely destroy you for their own enjoyment and get hooked on this deer camp favorite! 

#1: Dungeons and Dragons 

Currently, in the fifth edition, D&D is an addicting game, especially if your Dungeon Master is organized and has a great story with lots of combat. I played this one for the first time last year and am completely addicted. If homework and finals are stressing you out, it provides a great way to escape when you play as Blemley, the human mage, or Urk the Bold, chieftain of an Orc tribe, or many other races and classes.