“Logan” The Wolverine We Always Wanted

Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give heartfelt, incredible performances in their last ones as Wolverine and Professor X.

For every comic book loyal fan who has dreamt of one day watching a bloody, violent, “perfect” Wolverine movie, this delivers it and so much more. Giving old fans and new fans of the X-Men franchise a movie they can all enjoy – with an “R” rating no doubt. 

In this film, we see a different Logan than we are used to seeing. The year 2029 has come and mutants have all but gone extinct. Logan is much older, a drunken mess, not healing the way we are used to seeing him heal, and the very thing (Adamantium) that makes him – is breaking him. Each scene Logan is in you can see the pain he endures. The discomfort that he feels. The anger that is boiling over – you can view it in his eyes. 

Professor X is not who he has always been. As he has lost control of his powers and a few of his fellow mutants have been killed because of this loss of control. Floating in and out of reality, it is a sad sight to see.

Truly, in this film, you see the mantle passed as Dafne Keen as Laura / X-23 is introduced as a new mutant, the first in almost 20 years. Keen almost steals the show with little to no words on the screen, just her actions alone. She handles her claws very well and mimics Logan in a very unique way. Logan himself even has to hold her back and if The Wolverine says you’re going too far – then you have gone way too far.

Logan and Professor X travel to take Laura to, “Eden” a safe haven where other mutant children like Laura will be safe and protected. Along the way they have to evade Donald Pierce – an enhanced chief of security looking to hunt down Laura and the other children, and anyone else who gets in his way.

The fight scenes in this movie are incredible. The Wolverine gets to use his claws and we get to see – Every. Bloody. Detail. It is as if we have never seen his claws used in this uncensored way. This is the way The Wolverine deserved to go out.

Yet his claws can not get him out of every situation in this film.

As Logan is dealing with emotions (that we all know he is not too good at dealing with). Dealing with Professor X and his old age, his own old age himself and poison in his body, and also his need to love and feel, all wrapped up in Laura.

Yet throughout this latest X-Men movie, a farewell feeling carries it all. Which is fitting, seeing that this is the final picture in the franchise in which Jackman and Stewart are playing the roles. Both men have declared in interviews that they’re hanging up the adamantium claws and the psionic powers that have been their characters’ defining features since the franchise was launched back in 2000.

This is the movie that The Wolverine deserved.


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