Led Zeppelin Light show draws in fanbase of all ages

For classic rock fans everywhere, Led Zeppelin was one of those groups that really stuck out to old and young fans alike. Their electrifying sound brought a whole new age to rock ‘n’ roll.

Whether it was Robert Plant’s smooth, sexy vocals, Jimmy Page’s super sonic, blues influenced guitar riffs, John Paul Jones’s smooth, but oh so complex bass lines and of course the thundering roar of John Bohnam on the drums. Led Zeppelin never failed to put on some of the greatest live shows in arena rock history.

While the band may not be around anymore, their fan base still worships them as if they do, and inside the Wick Science Building on the campus, Zeppelin and Astronomy fans we’re in for a treat.

The Planetarium in the Wick Science Building hosted a Led Zeppelin themed laser light show titled “Laser Zeppelin” a compilation of Led Zeppelin tunes from their concert movie DVD.

“The Song Remains the Same” played in ­front of multi­-colored laser lights to the tune of their various hits.

The show started off with the opening track from the concert film, “The Song Remains the Same” followed by an array of red, green, blue and purple lights flashing in every direction while fans gazed in awe and jammed out to their favorite tunes from the band, including “Black Dog,” “Whole Lotta Love” and of course “Stairway to Heaven.”

“I thought the show was good, the lighting and the music was really cool, but I thought it could’ve been a bit shorter because I felt like I was staring at the ceiling forever,” said Zafar Durrani, an SCSU student attending the show.

While the younger crowd thought to it took forever, others really seemed to enjoy the program. Tim Macky, a St. Cloud resident seemed to be reminiscing about his high school days when the band was in their prime.

“I remember my freshman year of high school getting the first album and being blown away, I just couldn’t put it down, eventually when my friends and I got to the age where we could attend concerts, we saw them play at Met Center, and the St. Paul Civic Center, it was incredible. It was a great treat to be able to come to this.”

Todd Vocarro Assistant Professor of Physics at SCSU puts on Friday night events and many others similar to it. The Planetarium is also hosting shows for a classic rock Vinyl which will feature hits from Queen and other various classic rock artists, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and a Metallica themed light show.

“I saw a planetarium light show, back when I was a kid in Florida at a place called The Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton. They were showing a music themed show for Supertramp’s “Crime of the Century” album. It was a branch of physics that you could mix with music, which I thought was really brilliant and entertaining so I decided to bring it here. We got these prepackaged shows that came and we added clips and videos to augment the show to give more visual appeal to the fans.”

When asked about other shows Professor Vaccaro wants to add to future programs he talked about adding a Rush themed show to the line­up, since Rush’s lyrics have a lot to do with science fiction.

“If the program becomes successful enough and the University decides to buy the unit, or we get a donor that decides to pay for it, that is one show we would really like to do and we can create other shows as well.”

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