K-Street event helping students vote

Interested in getting out and exercising your rights as a United States citizen? Don’t forget to get out and vote Nov. 4. But, before making that vote, be sure to be aware of the candidates and where they stand on issues.

An event called K-Street is occurring today, Nov. 3 in the Atwood Memorial Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is a free event organized by the Minnesota State Student Association through their ‘Get Out the Vote’ (GOTV) campaign, which is a non-partisan campaign to increase the number of voters.

The event is designed to take place the day before the election in order to gain awareness for voting and provide students with information about candidates and issues going on today. They will be doing this by hosting the event within the Student Union of SCSU in Atwood.

Political interest groups and others that want to bring representatives to the table will have an opportunity to represent their political/social perspective and inform people about their organization’s views on various issues.

In addition to the groups that will be represented, there will be staff members from the Secretary of State’s office to help inform voters of the requirements of voting day; such as where they can find their polling booths and what they need to bring.

This is the first year that SCSU is hosting this K-Street, but hopefully not the last.

Brian Kunz, the organizer of K-Street, said it would be unfair to say who will all be in attendance, but the current RSVP list has been filling up over the last several weeks. “I can expect a good turnout for student organizations,” he said.

“This is an important event for students because it gives them a good opportunity to talk with people who are closer to the voting issues of the day,” Kunz said. “We will also have secretary of state staff there to answer questions for students who may not know the exact location of their polling place along with for any information they may need for voting day.”

The event provides a great opportunity for students and community members to support candidates and issues while learning more about organizations that people can potentially have their voice heard in. Be sure to attend in order to gain the knowledge you need to make a well-informed voting decision, Nov. 4.

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