Jessica Kraus named Student Government VP

After the resignation of former Vice President Kayla Shelley, SCSU Student Government held an election for the office this past Thursday. Usually, the position would be filled by the President Pro Tempore – however, the current seatholder declined, so they had to use an alternative method.

To fill a position held by Shelley for nine months, each chair nominated someone in Student Government for the position. The three who accepted the nomination include.

“I had a few senators and chairs approach me, and I was definitely interested in the position,” said eventual winner Jessica Kraus. Although these candidates were not allowed to campaign within the office, they were allowed to talk to other students on campus.

On election day, each candidate got approximately three minutes in front of the Senate to make their case for the position. Afterwards, the candidates were sent to the hallway so Student Government could discuss what they heard. After the discussion, a vote was held; 60 percent of the vote was needed for a candidate to win.

As the winner, Kraus first became involved with Student Government in fall of 2016 as a Technology Fee Committee member, and later becoming an at-large senator. She was appointed Executive Assistant in early 2017, a position she carried into this year. During her time at these positions, Kraus was very successful; among other things, she was able to work on implementing “Bring Your Own Device” stations, otherwise as BYODs, all over campus.

What is Kraus excited about during her tenure as Vice President?

“Working with the diverse community,” she remarked. “I feel like I haven’t been able to experience the full diversity of this campus, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

She also looks to continue her work in technology. One of her many goals is to change the computers on campus that are in need of replacement.

“I want to connect the students to any necessary resources to complete their projects,” Kraus said.

The new VP said she’s also looking forward to working with current President Jack O’Neil-Como.  partnership?

“We need to make sure we keep each other on track and make sure we’re aware of everything,” she said.

They want to have the same correspondence shared with the rest of the University as well.

“Anything we’re brainstorming on our own needs to be transparent with the senators and students,” O’Neil-Como said.

As to why Shelley resigned? President O’Neil Como talked about the wide workload a Vice President can typically face, and how Shelley’s interests did not allow her to continue the commitment.

“The best part of college is trying to find ways to your career outside of class,” stated O’Neil-Como. “There are so many opportunities for her, and she’s going to do really good work – I know this wasn’t easy for her.”

Shelley will continue to be involved in Student Government as the Students United director, where she will be able to meet monthly with the Senate. “She’s still a huge benefit to us,” O’Neil-Como finished.

The official mission of Student Government, per their website, is to voice the concerns of students who attend SCSU and to promote the best possible environment for learning.  All parties involved said they felt going forward with the new Vice President was for the best. Kraus is expected to begin her position immediately.

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