Jake Gyllenhaal plays suspense in ‘Nightcrawler’

Director Dan Gilroy brings another action-filled, crime, drama movie to the silver screen with Nightcrawler. This suspenseful film brings up the question “how far is too far?” when Lou Bloom played by Jake Gyllanhaal gets immersed in his film work while setting up himself to be the star of his own show.
Lou Bloom is a common thief, struggling for means to get by, but then gets emerged into L.A.’s nighttime crime life by filming graphic events of car crashes, burning buildings, and the aftermath of local shootings and selling them to local news station KWLA. Nina Romina, news director of KWLA channel 6 makes a connection with Lou when he brings in his first footage of a man dying and paramedics trying to revive him. Nina gives him some advice of what kind of footage the new station is looking for After hiring an assistant, Rick, he seems to be blowing the competition out of the water making it to the scene first and getting great angles of the crime scenes. One night when him and Rick are on the job, they beat the police to the scene of a car crash, Lou is not satisfied with the angle of the shot so he moves a body to fit his needs. As the movie progresses, Lou is constantly doing questionable things at crime scenes to make his footage what he wants it to be. Lou is also trying to pursue a romantic relationship with Nina. He takes her on a date to a Mexican restaurant, and threatens to stop selling his footage to her unless she engages with him on a physical level. One night, there is a robbery in a wealthy prominently white neighborhood, when Lou and assistant Rick beat the cops to the crime scene. Lou grabs his camera and heads towards the house and this is where the question comes up “how far is too far?” I do not want to give anything away so I will not continue with any more details.
Dan Gilroy does a fantastic job moving the movie along; He cut from scene to scene very smoothly without leaving any important information out. The lighting was also a good choice in the movie; it was overall dark, which went well with the dark plot. Most of the movie was taken place at night, and when there was scenes in the day time it had dark feel, like a rainy day. The soundtrack was very well put together, the music did a good job building up the suspenseful scenes in the movie along with meshing well with the mellow scenes.
Jake Gyllanhaal did phenomenal in the roll of Lou Bloom. Lou is an odd soul and he is very good at manipulating people to do what he wants as well as pleasing people, but you can tell that something is off. He has an anger issue lying deep within himself that he is always covering up. This comes out in a scene when he is alone in his apartment bathroom, after the competition beats him to a crime scene of an airplane crash, and he looses his control over his anger. He screams and slams his bathroom vanity mirror causing it to shatter into pieces. He also is not very emotional and does not connect to people well; you can tell when he is filming a crime scene. He actually enjoys seeing the dead bodies and is not struck it like most people would be.
Considering the plot, Jake Gyllanhaals performance, and how well the director did with the smoothness and making the correct decisions with editing, Overall I would give this movie 8/10 stars.

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