It’s All About Tracey!

What does your crazy family, gay people, stereotypical white girls, black people and neo-nazis all have in common? All of these people were a part of Tracey Ashley’s comedy show Thursday.

If you made it to the show, then you understand where I am coming from with all of this. But on the off chance that you didn’t make it, let me explain.

Tracey Ashley is a comedian who has quite the repertoire of comedy shows under her belt. After 16 years of being a stand-up comedienne, she has been all around the country attending different colleges, preformed at numerous clubs and has also been featured on different television shows including Last Comic Standing.

Ashley travels with her partner of 16 years, Maggie Faris; they met each other years ago at the Acme Comedy Co. and have been working with each other ever since. It just so happens that Farris has a cabin where the two girls will go to as an escape. They would call it their “comedy workshop,” where they would gather their friends to get together and write all new material. These two seem to be a perfect duo on stage and off.

Ashley said, “She [Faris] is completely opposite from me; we are opposite comedy. That’s what’s so good!”

Measured by the amount of belly laughs, applause and the occasional snort from the audience, I would say they are doing something right.

Once Tracey Ashley got on the stage, the woman knew what she was doing. After her first 10 words were spoken, she had the audience hooked.

One of the things that makes her show so successful was how relatable she made it. She told about her husband and in-laws, her life growing up in the south and the hilarious experiences she has had going to the wide variety of schools she goes to.

During the show, the audience was doing what you would expect at a comedy show and laughing like they had never heard a joke before.

If you like laughter and happiness and get a chance to see Tracey Ashley perform, I highly recommend that you take that opportunity.

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