Interview with Ronnie Lee with ‘The Cult of Lip’

Photo by Nathan Merrier.
The Cult of Lip playing on Monday Night Live. Photo by Nathan Merrier.

Minneapolis band The Cult of Lip was featured on KVSC’s Monday Night Live show. Monday Night Live features musicians from around Minnesota, performing live in the KVSC performance studio for an hour-long set, according to KVSC’s website.

The show is simulcast with UTVS channel 188 and has been running for 24 years, covering diverse of local music genres.

According to The Cult of Lips’ Facebook page, their genre is described as “psychwavedroneshineplanchettepeople,” which sounds like an interesting mash up of music.

An interview with band executor Ronnie Lee:

What would you describe your genre as?

“Well… we take a lot of influences from a lot of stuff like shoegaze and old sonic youth, it really started off as a weird electronic project, and then it evolved into a full band project. We ultimately draw from things in general that we dig.”

How would you describe the music scene in Minneapolis?

“There’s a lot going on. There is a scene for every type of music, there is a lot of things happening right now, a lot of stuff that I am not involved in, but I am always kind of finding out that new, different things are happening, and I really like that as well.”

How do you like coming to visit St. Cloud?

“I kind of dig it up here just from driving around, I’ve only been up here like twice, but it looks like a really beautiful city. I just dig cities with older buildings and stuff.”

What is the most recent album that you guys released?

“Our last album was “Today.” It was under the bands old band name Vats, but we are just finishing up a new EP. It’s coming out in the end of October on cassette through No Problem Records, we are all pretty excited about it.”

What was the name change all about?

“Vats was a name that one of my really good friends came up with back in Milwaukee, Wis., and the name never really matched up with the music we play, so I came up with The Cult of Lip, and we all really liked it. This name means more to me because I came up with it myself and we all feel it’s a really good fit for the band.”

How have shows been going lately?

“We had a performance at the Nomad on Sept. 18 and that was pretty incredible. It was a really close knit and on the edge set, we got to play with some amazing talent and because of that we know its going to be really hard to have another concert like that in the future, so we loved every second of it.“

Any projects that you have coming up?

“We are going to be recording a full-length album with a bunch of new songs that aren’t on the EP, and we are going on tour with Brilliant Beast from Oct. 8 through the 19, so we have a lot coming up in the future. It will be fun.”

Have you ever done a live radio performance before?

“Yeah, a while back I played on MPR, and the band that was supposed to be on that night canceled and left us with a weird set, but nothing on campus like this before.”

To find out what’s next on Monday Night Live, you can check out the lineup on KVSC’s website.

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